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What’s the best Assault Rifle in Cold War Season 2? Every gun ranked and tier list

What’s the best Assault Rifle in Cold War Season 2? Every gun ranked and tier list

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is live now, adding two new guns to the game’s lineup of weaponry alongside plenty of new content for players to enjoy. The LC10 SMG and FARA 83 are following up some stiff competition due to Season 1’s stellar gun additions, but one of them lives up to the hype. While players will surely have interest in using these Season 2 additions, though, plenty of the launch guns are still top tier weapons. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has an interesting meta coming into its second season, as the game features a gun in almost every class that is entirely useless. While there are plenty of S and A tier weapons, the falloff from A to B is noticeable — and everything from C tier on is a truly poor choice for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players. As such, players should always make sure they are using a viable weapon in the game, with a tier list being the best way to get a quick look at the game’s current meta.

F Tier - The Worst Of The Worst

  • M79 (Special Weapon)

  • FFAR (Assault Rifle)

M79: A Special Weapon with little purpose, this “noob tube” grenade launcher is only ever seen when players are working through Dark Matter challenges. Incredibly weak and only likely to kill if players land a direct impact hit, this renamed Thumper is made even worse by the incredible strength of the Flak Jacket perk. FFAR: With the Famas being one of the best guns in the original Black Ops game and proving just as powerful via its return in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, seeing its fall from grace in this new title is a bit of a shame. Dubbed the FFAR, this weapon has been heavily nerfed since launch, losing its high damage and fire rate but keeping its absurd amount of recoil. Impossible to control without sacrificing multiple attachments slots, this gun is as bad as it gets in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

D Tier - Better, But Not By Much

  • Combat Knife (Melee)

  • RPG 7 (Launcher)

  • Milano 821 (SMG)

Combat Knife: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s melee system has been criticized heavily, as players have issues with hit detection and a slow animation after every kill. Worse, players get no boost to movement speed when using melee attacks, something that makes it a poor option for most. Though the alternate melee weapons offer small boosts to speed or range, they come with a negative to match, keeping all at this tier. RPG 7: The RPG suffers from the same fate as the China Lake. Though its blast radius is larger and it can kill slightly easier, this launcher is crippled by Flak Jacket, meaning that players will rarely be seen running around the map with the RPG on their shoulder. It also has the same inaccuracy and splash damage as it has in other Call of Duty games. Milano 821: Rounding out the D Tier is the Milano, and while it was a monster of a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s beta, this Uzi variant is as unsatisfying as a weapon can be. Boasting a very slow fire rate and low damage, as well as some rough recoil and poor range, the Milano lacks all the strengths of an SMG apart from speed.

C Tier - Average

  • DMR 14 (Tactical Rifle)

  • Cigma-2 (Launcher)

  • Bullfrog (SMG)

DMR 14: The DMR has the same issues as the Type 63, with both guns boasting similar statistics. As such, while the DMR may have been one of the most overpowered Call of Duty: Warzone guns in history, it belongs in the C Tier for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Cigma-2: Players will get exactly what they are expecting out of the Cigma-2 rocket launcher, as the weapon’s main function is to shoot down enemy scorestreaks. Still, the fact that it has the versatility of being able to be fired at enemies without locking on puts it a cut above the RPG - though it is just as unlikely to get kills. Bullfrog: The Bullfrog SMG is a bit of a pea shooter, with its bullets failing to output any meaningful damage. It does boast huge magazines, however, and decent iron sights allow players to throw on an extra attachment that helps with improving the gun. While there are better SMGs to choose from, the Bullfrog is superior to the Milano.

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B Tier - Solid But Niche

  • Hauer 83 (Shotgun)

  • KSP 45 (SMG)

  • XM4 (Assault Rifle)

Hauer 83: The Hauer 83 is the “worst” shotgun in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but not by much. Its pump nature makes it slow, and the fact that players have to pump after sprinting is a big downside. Still, the gun is a guaranteed 1-2 hit kill, making it a fine choice for players that know how to get close and do not trust semi-automatic shotguns. KSP 45: Arguably the most underrated weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the KSP 45 is also the weirdest. A burst fire SMG, it has great range and deals some huge damage for players that can control its recoil. Still, its close range inconsistency makes it a confusing weapon for many SMG users. Those who like the gun will stand by it, though, and it is worth a try for fans of burst-fire weapons that want a bit more speed. XM4: While this new version of the Commando is not nearly as disappointing as the latest variant of the FAMAS, it is a bit less powerful than the original. Doing everything well but excelling at nothing, the XM4 is a good weapon and little more. Decent damage, decent accuracy, and a decent fire rate can all be seen with this AR, giving players a fine choice to use until better guns are acquired.

A Tier - Safe And Dependable

  • Gallo SA12 (Shotgun)

  • AUG (Tactical Rifle)

  • Krig 6 (Assault Rifle)

  • MP5 (SMG)

Gallo SA12: The other A-tier shotgun players can try is the Gallo SA12, and for players who purely like to use shotguns, this is the best option currently available. Though it takes an extra shot to kill, it reloads far, far faster than the Streetsweeper. Depending on how often shotgun users pull out their secondary, the Gallo will be either the best or second best option. AUG: Though Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has seen a nerf to the AUG that takes it out of S tier, it remains a great option for players who like fighting from a distance. Strong damage and controllable recoil see this burst weapon being a great way to take out snipers, and surprisingly solid hipfire accuracy makes it decent at close range. Krig 6: The most well-rounded rifle in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is the Krig 6. Though it boasts some ugly iron sights, everything else about the weapon makes it a great jumping on point for new players. While everything about the XM4 was decent, making it a good weapon, everything about the Krig is strong. With no AR more reliable than this one, players uninterested in taking risks with their weapon choice know where to look. MP5: The most popular gun on launch day, the MP5 has grown a bit less popular over recent months. That said, it is essentially the Krig of the SMG class. Accurate with a solid fire rate and a fair time to kill, the MP5 does nothing wrong. Its magazine size is also decent, and the weapon has good range on top of that. Some of the better iron sights in the game allow for a free attachment slot to be used as well.

S Tier - The Best Of The Best

  • Groza (Assault Rifle)

  • AK-74u (SMG)

  • MAC-10 (SMG)

  • LC10 (SMG)

Groza: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Season 1 Assault Rifle is more of an SMG than anything else. Handling well with an absurdly quick time to kill, this tiny AR is a must-use weapon. Provided players make sure to equip a larger magazine on the Groza, they will find themselves gunning down groups of enemies in seconds. AK-74u: Call of Duty: Black Ops 1’s best SMG has returned with a vengeance in Black Ops Cold War, as it is just as strong as it was a decade ago. Perfect iron sights, a fast time to kill, a great magazine size, and pinpoint accuracy are all seen with this SMG. With not a single downside, S Tier is the perfect place for the smaller AK. MAC-10: Season 1’s other primary weapon addition is just as deserving of a place in S Tier. A bullet hose through and through, the MAC-10’s fire rate is unmatched — something that makes any other issues irrelevant. Once players level the weapon up enough to get some proper recoil-dampening attachments, there is little better than the MAC-10. LC10: However, there is one gun better that outshines the MAC-10, and it is none other than the LC10 SMG. A Season 2 addition that has risen through the ranks and dethroned the bullet hose, the LC10 has a fast fire rate with much better accuracy. Even better, it has some of the best in-class range, rivaling the KSP 45 in terms of its effective distance. Though it has only been in the game for a few days, this weapon has become one of the most dominant guns in the entire game.