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Weapon Camo and Skins Guide

COD – Weapon Camo and Skins Guide

Welcome to the battlefield – into a virtual space where you need to survive at any cost. Jump into the arena, find firearms & equipment, and choose a place on top. Warzone makes people forget about boring everyday life. Feel like a real superman, with a trophy or picked out arms. Open Loadout Crate to catch favorite weaponry. A real warrior should look stylish and menacing with the right facilities. Participants in a hard-fought field are free to customize their armaments. An invincible fighter can change or add attachments, as well as change characteristics of the arsenal.

The Best Armament in Modern Warfare

It has significantly revitalized the gameplay. New modes have appeared – Gunsmith has expanded the customization options. The arsenal is not so big, but with the help of camos for guns, you can fashion a dozen unique firearms from one standard “Kalash”. There are only several categories to choose from.

Assault Rifles and Basics of Customization

Assault rifle is a perfect compromise between damage, range, and ammo capacity. Each module significantly affects warfare and unit performance. To conduct toe-to-toe combat, try to keep aiming and preparation period to a minimum, increase movement speed. To carry out long-range gunfights, reduce recoil, increase initial speed, and effective range.

To fight in cramped buildings and alleys, remove stock (“no stock” option is a separate module), take a smaller magazine, on more spacious maps install a larger barrel, and more comfortable sight. Gunsmith system allows customization of each unit to its own war needs and specific combat situations:

  • Kilo-141. You may replace here regular magazines with drum ones, which hold up to hundreds of rounds, attach a bipod, a SOCOM barrel to increase muzzle velocity. Voila, it is now a full-fledged machine-gun!

  • M4A1. At the moment, it is one of the best rifles in the gameplay, if not the best. It is good at many ranges thanks to its impressive damage, low recoil, and a big number of shots. Back blow is so soft that if you correctly configure modules and master it, you empty the magazine at one point, without interruption in line.

  • FR 5.56, along with FN Scar and Oden, work well at medium distances. It fires three rounds at incredible speed: aim at the torso and the last bullet will fly straight into the enemy's head.

  • AK-47 is also quite good, but it is not so easy to manage its recoil. Choose 5.45 ammo to have better control and rate of fire, a handy monocle sight, and a lightweight skeleton stock compensating grenade launcher disadvantages. Smoke launched in time not only saves your life but also opens up an opportunity to storm enemy positions: nobody expects a sudden smoke screen.

How to Use Experience?

Advancement in the fighting pit depends on the upbuilding of Points, which permits making higher titles. The paragraph explicates what experience-point statistics are, how to win them, how titles will be useful. After punch-up, pay attention to the summary, which tells what you enabled. They also indicate how many points are there. There are two types:

  • Ordinary XP enlarges the opportunities to run fresh arms for the sets and other things which are employed in the different game versions.

  • Firearm XP elevates the level of the main and second-order firearms by using them.

During a battle, successfully executing a specific action, such as slaying a foe, a mission, or gathering money in Loot, the user sees a message about the receipt of a definite XP quantity.


Every model added to the kit has several camouflage trials. Passing them raises the level. On the online game website, go to the Gunsmith list to take out a weapon camo. Some of them are free, others should be bought. There are ten main partitions with original color variations. Styles mean a separate daunting task. Coloration options are unlocked when you collect a certain sum of “feats”.

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Custom Camos

Examples of tasks – getting several assassinations while shooting from point-blank, or destroying enough transport with the launcher. Change your automatic visual appearance. The catalog is described below. They have colors that are offered by default or as a result of performing certain actions.

  • Splinter. It offers patterns that the user takes completing a specified number of longshot manslaughters. So, Arctic Seafoam – approachable at 25, Autumn Dazzle – at 55.

  • Digital. The catalog of weapons camo – available as a result of receiving a certain amount of murders while crouching. So, Blue opens at 90, Desert – at 135.

  • Woodland. The patterns – obtainable when fearless conquerors collect a determined sum of headshot killings. There is Marshland at 30, Canopy – at 125 successful hits.

  • Spray Paint. The list of weapon camo – obtainable together with a distinct quantity of homicides. For example, Rip N'Tear is accessible at 50, Smoke – at 800 deaths.

  • Topo. The samples – accessible together with a given amount of manslaughters with the mounted installation. Gain Forestation at 15, Sandstorm – at 100.

  • Tiger. Samples – approachable as you have accumulated a distinct quantum of kills shooting from all the attachments. The maximum number of “feats” (Blue Tiger) is 180.

  • Stripes. The colors – accessible after a determined quantum of manslaughters a tireless gamer has done shortly since reloading. The highest score is claimed by Pink Zebra (50).

  • Reptile. The catalog – obtainable when a definite number of homicides without using attachments is reached. The most expensive Reptile is Gartersnake (110).

  • Skulls. The samples of Call of Duty camo – disposable if you eliminated from five to thirty-five foes without dying. The most expensive monster here is Lichyard (35).

  • Dragon. The patterns – at your disposal at 5 to 50 hipfire kills. The most expensive skin is Foliage.

Tasks for Reticle

Reticle has its own sets. It opens Call of Duty weapon skins to make aiming more convenient. Tasks here have fairly similar goals, such as a specific quantity of assault killings or three eliminated foes in a row several times – play these challenges with any unit. The main thing is to keep the correct equipment.

Whichever rifle you are holding in hand, the Reticle test counts your progress towards completion if you are disposing of the correct type. Try to gather them all on your way to achieving the highest peak of war!

Battle Pass Stages and Seasons

Experience-point statistics also affect the progress of the feature. While the schema is also a part of the time spent in the fight, completing XP-generating achievements –- assassinations and paid orders – helps get new stages faster. Since seasons only last a few weeks, you don't have much time to reach the steps of the Battle Pass. Thus, every bit of experience-point statistics becomes meaningful.

Make Cool Gun Camos Available

Let's be honest. Most players don't even plan to climb to this level and achieve mastery designs. But the goal is clear. You need to strive for it. Players are offered Double Weapon XP tokens that will help them get the chosen camouflage:

  • Gold. It is achievable when unlocking Call of Duty gun camos for specific weaponry – complete the gold challenges.

  • Platinum. Unlock Gold COD camos to obtain the base armament of a certain kind. As an example, getting them for shotguns discloses the platinum firearms. This is an occasion to brag!

  • Damascus. Completing all Arms Challenges for base equipment opens the highest level of play – a testament to the true skill, and a great reason to be proud!

  • Obsidian. Begin to complete it after passing the Gold tests. You have to get 15 kills in 200 firefights where MP5 is used.


XPs move your success to the fore. It determines your level in various versions of COD. Rank and overall game progress carry over from Warzone to Modern Warfare and back. If you're going to upgrade, then the successes are saved and merged between the two platforms. Experience-point statistics required to rank up are always fixed and are verified either on the Ranks: Completion or in the analysis after the end of warfare. Many Call of Duty gun skins require a long track record to unlock. If you are a fan of gunshot fights, you will never get bored.

Fight Award

While performing multiple goals simultaneously is a great possibility to build experience-point statistics, there is another effective method that some gamers overlook. It is the prize for the struggle. If you leave a fight when some team members are still alive, you lose the chance to reap bonus experience for battle. Fortunately, the game reports potential loss if you choose to go out of it in such a situation.

To summarize, the fastest gun camos is gained by those performers who bring their wars to end, combine objectives of tests and operations. Do not hesitate to play online and perform special operations. This is the only way to acquire every last drop of all the rewards available.