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What to expect from the new Season 2 update in Warzone 2.0?

The developers, as promised, released a long-awaited blog in which they shared details of the upcoming changes planned for Battle Royale and "DMZ".
Recall that Warzone 2.0 & Modern Warfare II season 2 is scheduled for release on February 15.
Global changes:

Fixing glitches and improving stability

The developers reported that they are working hard to fix the game's performance issues. According to them, one of their main goals right now is to improve the stability of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, so in the upcoming update we should expect a lot of positive changes in this direction.

Audio (Global).

According to reports, some PC users have been experiencing audio issues due to incorrect audio channels that output that very sound. An upcoming update will add the ability to force the PC to switch to stereo output: however, before you apply this option, check that the sound settings in Windows and the game are set correctly.

A study of the players' message led the developers to discover a previously unknown problem affecting occlusion throughout the game. Sound occlusion is a filter that is applied depending on the type of material that makes up the object. It should only apply to large objects, but the developers found small objects, such as a stapler and a pile of rags on the ground, when interacting with which the filter was activated for some reason, although it was not supposed to do so. For this reason there were problems with the player's perception of sound. It could seem that the sound was coming from behind the wall, while the object the user was touching was in a different place. Roughly speaking, because of this, the sounds of steps in the game did not work correctly.

The developers have promised that in the upcoming update this problem will be fixed.


In Season 2 there will be a number of changes to the user interface, aimed at improving the perception of the game. These will include:

  • Improved navigation in the camouflage menu

  • An improved version of the social tab, which will include an improved menu for switching between voice chat channels and easier access to the player mute button

  • A new "My Kits" tab

  • Ability to quickly equip items from combat passes and kits from the in-game store

  • Preview of the reticle in the Gunsmith and kits from the in-game store

  • And a large number of bug fixes

More information about these changes will be published in the patchbook, which will be released along with the seasonal update on February 15. Battle Royale


As previously announced, Season 2 will bring back the classic 1 vs. 1 format for Gulag. In a released blog, the developers clarified the operation of the revamped arena.

Jailer will be removed. In its place will appear the good old "Extra Time" with a capture point from the original "Warzone".

Unfortunately, a new map for Gulag will not appear in the new season, but the developers say they are already working on several maps for the next seasons. The current map, of course, will be redesigned for the updated format.

The weapons pool will be substantially updated. It will include automatic rifles, machine guns, and submachine guns as primary weapons. Shotguns will be removed from the rotation, but pistols will remain as an additional weapon. According to the developers, the class of weapon with which you will appear in the Gulag will depend on the zone's lap.

Winners will now receive a larger cash reward, but that's not all: together with the seasonal update in the arena as the loot will appear money that you will keep after you leave the Gulag. Thus, the developers want to give players who have exited the Gulag more chances to win.


According to the developers, in the upcoming season they will conduct a major rebalance of the economy, which will include: - A slight reduction in the monetary reward for completing contracts - An increase in the minimum amount of cash you can find: at least $800 in land mining, at least $500 in cashiering (previously, the minimum amount was only $100) - Cash can now only be found in ground loot, containers, and white supply crates from Fortresses. From regular and legendary supply crates they no longer drop out.

According to the developers, these changes should encourage faster and more consistent gameplay in the pursuit of resources.


The loot from the eliminated enemy and supply crates will now fall to the floor as "floating" objects in the air, as it was in the original "Warzone". According to the developers, this change will be aimed at increasing the pace of gameplay by minimizing the actions during contact with the loot.

In addition to this division of backpacks by size (medium / large) will no longer be. All players will have the same backpack by default. For this reason, from the eliminated player will fall just the loot, not the backpack.


Probably the most important new feature of season 2 is the return of customization of perks in kits. However, as we wrote in yesterday's post, this positive change has a small nuance: unfortunately, at the time of the seasonal update not all perks will be available in this option. The developers want to carefully analyze the practical application of the planned to add a set of perks and only after that decide the fate of the remaining perks.

The positive changes associated with the perks do not end there. Prices for kits and customized weapons will be reduced, so that players have the opportunity to equip their equipment faster. In addition, kit markers will be added to the ground loot pool, but according to the developers, they will be difficult to find. Well, the last innovation is the addition of a second public kit drop event. Kits will now drop in the first and fifth rounds of each match zone.

Other changes...
3 slots for armor plates

The developers studied player feedback and decided to bring back the standard armor plate from the original Warzone. Now all players will be equipped by default with an armor vest with three slots for armor plates. There will no longer be a size division, as with the backpacks.

This change is aimed at increasing the pace of gameplay. The developers assume that with the standardization of body armor, players will become more confident, and therefore will make more attempts to engage the enemy team.


Not everything here is as clear as we would like it to be. According to the developers, they will make important adjustments to the movement system to increase the player's effectiveness in combat. And these important adjustments will be: - It is now possible to burst through doors while moving, as if you were running - The movement speed was slightly increased while equipping the player with armor plates

Buying Stations

The location of procurement stations on the map has been updated for better and faster access to them. And most importantly, the number of kit markers will be unlimited.


Developers are going to increase the rewards for completing Citadels and Secret prisons (Black Site). In addition, the damage from bots will be adjusted again.


Tuning of the opponents

According to the developers, the artificial intelligence in the first season was quite difficult, and at the same time, the increase in bot difficulty in most cases was abrupt, which caused some players to become disoriented. The developers want to fix this problem, and so in the upcoming season update will make significant adjustments to the balance of the bots, which should have a positive impact on the complexity of the gameplay.

Appearance points

To appear with a team in a location where there is no loot at all is not the best experience, is it? So the developers have carefully addressed this issue, and, according to them, the points of appearance on the map will be significantly improved to improve the quality of gameplay.

Adjusting the difficulty of the missions

Reviews and data from public sources have confirmed that the increased difficulty of faction missions has had a negative impact on gameplay for most players. For this reason, unlocking a second slot for insured weapons was nearly impossible for many users. The developer adjusted the overall difficulty scale of missions as levels were passed. Nevertheless, higher level missions will still remain challenging, even for experienced players.

Warzone 2.0 & Modern Warfare II season 2 is scheduled for release on February 15.