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Best Warzone guns: The Weapons You Should Have in Your Loadouts

Picking the best Warzone guns out in Call of Duty Warzone got a lot harder when Black Ops Cold War added its arsenal to the selection. There were already plenty of guns to choose from with a huge range of things to consider while balancing fire rate, damage, accuracy and more. While a lot of options can be subjective - if a gun works for you and feels right don't worry if it's not 'the best' - there are some clear cut winners in the mix for Warzone best gun. These aren't things that need nerfing, just weapons that just have a boost in certain places and in the right hands can make all the difference. There's a reason why all the most skilled players tend to use the same weapons. Coming up in this list of the best guns in Warzone we'll filter through to all the top-tier weapons, and loadout options that should give you an advantage. And there should be something here for every playstyle and situation - from snipers to SMGs, light machine guns, and more. These are the best guns in Warzone.


Starting things off is the Kar98k, a Marksman Rifle that feels like a sniper. Many of the firefights you’ll come across in Warzone will be at medium to long range, which is exactly the best time to use the Kar. It features fast ADS speeds, high damage, and can still be used to secure long range eliminations.

Even if you don’t manage to fully down or eliminate your opponent, the weapon deals high enough damage that it will stop anyone in their tracks -- freeing you up to restock on plates, reload, or allowing you to get to cover. Highly skilled players can down an entire team in just a couple shots, making it wildly effective.


Serving as a superb companion weapon to the Kar98k (or any sniper for that matter) is the Mac-10, an SMG that packs a serious punch. Even after getting severely nerfed in a recent update, the Mac is still a force to be reckoned with, thanks to its extremely high rate of fire.

It’s to the point where other weapons simply can’t compete with the Mac up close because of how fast bullets come out of its chamber. You won’t win any engagements with it from afar, but if you slap on a silencer and the 53 round mags, you’ll be unstoppable -- at least up close. In Warzone, you never know who will be lurking in a nearby building, so it’s best to come prepared with an SMG like the Mac.

Check out the Warzone best MAC-10 loadouts for tips on what attachments to use on your SMG.

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Next is sort of a hybrid between an SMG and assault rifle known as the Groza. It can be tailored to suit most of your needs -- from close up, or medium range. Once again, high rate of fire is this weapon’s strong suit, meaning you can ditch the need for a second close range weapon.

The nice thing is that you can absolutely equip the right attachments that help the Groza excel at long range. Though, you’ll need to be mindful of its recoil. For best results, stick to using the Groza in medium range encounters -- as a complimentary weapon to a sniper -- and you’ll find it to be highly useful.

Our guide to the Warzone best Groza loadouts will help you decide what to attach and use alongside your Groza.

Stoner 63

For whatever reason, LMGs are grossly overlooked in the Warzone community. One of the very best is the Stoner 63, a high damage, easy-to-control light machine gun. It works just like an assault rifle, but features more ammo in its magazine, perfect for taking out vehicles or multiple enemies at once.

You should be aware that the Stoner is very slow, but you can adjust it to be slightly more lightweight by using certain attachments. The main thing to keep in mind is that this weapon works well at medium to long range thanks to its high damage and relatively low recoil.

FFAR 1 Attachments

The first thing players might notice is that this loadout doesn't run an SMG, and that's because of how blindingly fast Warzone's FFAR 1 can unload rounds. This build optimizes bullet velocity above all else to ensure the quickest possible time-to-kill within short-to-mid range. The core component for this is the 21.2" Ranger barrel, which will spit out bullets in a blink of an eye, making the 50-round Salvo a necessity because of how quickly the FFAR 1 can run through magazines. This loadout effectively turns the AR into an SMG hybrid, which works wonders in close quarters but falls off in distance battles.

Perks, Lethal, And Tactical

As for the rest of the build, Warzone users will want to round out their Perks with E.O.D, Overkill, and Amped. E.O.D. is one of the best Perks in Warzone; it reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire and lets them hack enemy Claymores, Mines, and C4. Overkill unlocks the ability to carry two primary weapons, which makes this loadout possible. Finally, Amped decreases the time needed to swap weapons.

For the remaining two slots, opt for C4 and a Heartbeat Sensor. This due will let players set traps and detect any enemies in their vicinity. These can be switched out depending on personal preference and won't affect the rest of the loadout. Once gamers have that all equipped, it's time to head to Verdansk and become a dominant force in Call of Duty: Warzone.