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The second season of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The second season of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.
What's in the Battle Pass?

The second season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II / Warzone 2.0 meets us with a new Battle Pass and three new weapons, new skins of operatives and business cards. Also the developers have improved the interface and usability of the Battle Pass! The new weapons are a shotgun, an assault rifle and a melee weapon. Shotgun VEPR 12 based on Castov's weapon, APC 300 assault rifle and melee weapon Dual Kodachis will bring a lot of new emotions to the players.

What's in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0?

A new Ashika Island mini-map and a Warzone Resurgence side-mode for Battle Royale have been introduced into the game. The new mode provides players with more dynamic games on the new Ashika Island map with the matches being much shorter than those on the regular big Al-Mazra map. With the ability to revive is also less of a penalty if you are unlucky at the beginning of the match. The mode is designed for squads of four players, threes, duos and solo modes. A new Search and Seizure contract has also been added to the game for cash and other rewards in the match. In the second season the developers decided to change and return the rules of Gulag, now as in the first part of Call of Duty Warzone you have to fight with your opponent in 1x1 mode and when the time expires you have to capture the flag to win in Gulag.

DMZ mode also added new map Ashika Island, just like on the first map, players will have to find a lot of secrets and events, new missions and rewards await you. Missions can be performed, both on the main map, as well as on the mini-map. On the map of Ashika you are waiting for a new boss Bombmaker, as well as new awards and weapons case.

On the main map Al-Mazra, changed some of the game locations, as well as changed the sights in the game:

  • The downed plane in the Sattik Caves;

  • Underground tunnels in Suburbs 14;

  • A new passenger train moves in the opposite direction to the first freight train;

  • Added a path through the cliff north of the Zarkwa Hydroelectric Plant;

  • Added a car ramp to the roof of the garage at Al Malik International.

Also in Battle Royale mode, the economy and loot have been changed:

  • Rewards and contract fulfillment have been reduced, while the minimum amount of money for ground mining has been increased to $800, and the minimum amount at the cash registers has been increased to $500;

  • Your economy in the game can be boosted by getting from ground trophies, containers, and white boxes of fortress supplies, but they can no longer be entered in regular and legendary supply boxes;

  • Loot will now be dropped from containers, similar to loot from the first part of Warzone;

  • Loot from destroyed players, will also fall to the floor similar to the first part;

  • The game's medium/large backpacks have been completely removed, each player will now have the same size inventory, this will improve player balance in the game.

Equipment changes have been made to perks for Warzone 2.0:

  • Season 2 will introduce customizable perk packs in customizing your kit in-game, also perks have been unbalanced and some of the perks have been removed, but they may eventually return to the game with modified characteristics;

  • Weapons at purchase stations are now sold at a more affordable price for more flexibility in customizing your play style;

  • The price of unloading markers has been lowered so that s squads can fully equip faster;

  • Many weapon specifications have been changed for better game balance.

A new event - The Ronin's Way.

The Ronin's Path will present players with a multitude of challenges, lasting several weeks, based on the seven virtues of bushido: honesty, respect, courage, honor, compassion, sincerity and loyalty.

For completing each of the seven trials, a reward is given, which may include an operator's skin, a weapon drawing, a weapon amulet, and more. The first three of these challenges were launched at the beginning of the season, and two more are coming next week. Complete them all in Warzone 2.0 or Modern Warfare II to get a new crossbow.

What's new in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II?

The new season has added a ranked mode to the game, which gives unique rewards for increasing your ranking. This full-featured competitive offline multiplayer mode uses CDL-approved rules, restrictions, maps and modes. Players are rewarded with exclusive items and visible rating levels to be proud of. Earn all seven ranking divisions - from Bronze to Rainbow - all the way up to the Top 250, where your name will appear on a special top 250 leaderboard. Earn awards and division skins, awards will change from season to season. Each player starts at rank 1 and can rise to rank 50 by winning matches and earning stars, each win equals one star. Every five ranks, the rank badge will be updated and will award a set of unique rewards for ranked play, as well as other rewards.

New maps for multiplayer.

Zaya Observatory will be available in Ground War and Invasion modes, and the combat zone will be expanded to accommodate the high natural attraction of the Al-Mazra map. This version of the combat map includes all the science base, observant players will find a place both in the mountain slopes and the buildings of the science labs. Narrow roads for transport in the game can be effectively used to hold critical facilities.
The Dome map is located at the highest point of the Al-Mazra map. The map is a reimagining of the classic Call of Duty maps. This is a medium sized map designed for dynamic battles with three main buildings, one of the buildings resembles a dome, hence the name of the map.
Al Malik International is a new combat map, a modern airport located on the southern part of the Al-Mazra map. The map combines traditional and modern architecture for both business and entertainment. This map is available in Land Warfare and Invasion modes.
Al Malik International will please us with multi-level gameplay on the runway and in the main airport building, as in the case of the Zaya Observatory map, this combat map is not much different from the Al-Mazra map, except for the borders that allow for matches in this area.
Valderas Museum, another map launched at the beginning of the second season, appeared first in the beta of Modern Warfare II.

The return of online game modes, which all veterans of the Call of Duty series understand, will also return Hardcore mode. Here are the modes, which will be added in the second season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II:

  • Infected, the now classic mode where players must avoid the chosen infected player at all costs. Each destroyed player joins the infected player's team until there are no survivors or the timer expires.

  • Gun Game, one of three group game modes launching this season, is a competition for overall skill with weapons.

  • The third mode, rooted in MW3, Grind is Kill Confirmed with an added twist: enemy tokens are stacked and must be stored in one of two fixed locations.

  • Drop Zone is another classic mode that debuted in MW3. Derived from Hardpoint, Drop Zone sends Care Package to occupied Drop Zones every 15 seconds.

  • All or Nothing, can you make 20 kills with only throwing knives and a gun with no ammo, test yourself.

  • One in the Chamber - as the name suggests, each operator gets a gun with one bullet in the gun, here it's every man for himself.