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The Midseason Patch Rebalances of Armament

The game owners have made many cool changes not only for various assault rifles, but also completely updated the armament in the "Zombie" mode. Gamers are now ready for more impressive battles because the game has received an updated start animation. Every sniper gets improved ADS dynamics to make any scope sharper and more accurate. Assault rifles are now more different from submachine issues, and the speed of bullets is now faster. Call of Duty patch notes already shown to gamers so they can try and appreciate the updates in this gaming play.

Sniper Rifles

The goal of the game owners is to offer the meaningful gaming process very and to differentiate between various rifles and other armament. Each type of rifle received its own personality and specialization. The updated flinch function allows gamers to move the scope when it hits the target. The ADS Momentum has also been enhanced, this feeling of heaviness when you use a heavier type of rifle you feel its weight. And this addition also makes the ADS recovery process slower than for lighter types of rifles.

Pelington 703

Excellent sniper rifles selection for gamers that are always moving. The bullet speed is slightly slower here, but it is cool to preserve the gaming play in the near distances. Speed in the Fire Sprint improved to 0.433 and such a weapon received many other excellent improvements.

  • Period in Sight Aim Down improve to 0.583 (instead of 0.55).

  • Bullet Velocity reward was reduced to 30% instead of 26.5 point in Attachment for Team Barrel Tiger (it was 50%).

  • Flinch Resistance reward dropped to 67% from point Jungle Grip (instead 80%).

  • Time in Aim Down Sight reward has decreased to 5% from mission Airborne Elastic Wrap (instead 12%).

Sniper Charlie Rifle

Fresh Call of Duty news shows modifications for this semi-automatic rifle. The armament has become more powerful even considering the slow fire. If you need to save a position then this sniper rifle is an excellent choice. The rate of fire is improved to 0.833, and the bullet speed reward has dropped to 26%, but this does not prevent such a weapon from remaining the most popular among players.

  • Speed by Sight Aim down here is improved to 0.666 (instead of 0.7).

  • Firing speed is improved to 0.833 (instead of 0.333).

  • Your potential for killing enemies by One-hit is raised (including a torso hit to the middle).

  • ADS-In Momentum became less to 0.25 (was 0.2).

  • Bullet Velocity reward was reduced to 26% (instead 75%).

  • Bonus for Flinch Resistance became less to 50% (instead 90%).

LW3 - Tundra

Many gamers prefer this basic rifle because it scans quickly, hits the target by first shot, and quickly identifies new targets. Now this type of Call Duty armament has received more accuracy for long shots and other modifications.

  • Bullet speed increased to 580 (was 550).

  • There is a nice reward to the bullet speed from the 28.2-inch Tiger Team level (reduced to 27% instead 50%).

  • Resistance for the Jitter in the Handle with Field Tape is improved from to 50%.

  • The SASR Jungle Grip strategy is increased to 15% (instead of 12%).

Swiss K31

Such weapons have fast reloading and low recoil, so they are often used to destroy multiple opponents. If you have a sharp eye, then you can defeat many enemies even better and faster than a sniper rifle. If a gamer cannot shoot in the head, then such an armament can be used as a rather powerful tactical rifle.

  • Flinch is 25% smaller than guns in Black Ops.

  • Bullet Velocity reward here decreased to 16% (instead of 25%).

  • Flinch Resistance was reduced to 67% (down from 80%).

  • Penalty for Fire Sprint decreased to 11% (instead of 12%).

  • Flinch Resistance has dropped to 50% here (down from 90%).

Assault Rifles

One of the coolest improvements is the speed of the bullet so that such an armament is indispensable in long-range battles. FFAR 1, for example, received an improvement in bullet speed, but additionally such weapons received an increase level of maximum damage. Players have accepted this modification and have noticed other updates. Armament with 5.56 points in Cold War strategy now have a headshot 1.4x mod, while ammo types have a 7.62 with a point of 1.25x mod. We can say for sure that cool assault rifles 7,62 ammo can do more damage to enemies.


  • Bullet Velocity was increased to 729 (up from 675).

  • The minimum damage here has decreased to 27 (was 28).

  • The headshot multiplier up to 1.4x (instead of 1.25x).


  • Here the bullet speed went up to 657.

Krig 6

  • Bullet speed improved to 686 instead of 625.

  • Bullet Velocity reward goes to 126% (instead of 100%).


  • Increased bullet speed to 660 (was 650). AK-47

  • Velocity here climbed to 702 instead of 490.


  • Bullet speed here increased to 671 instead of 625.


  • Reduced speed of bullet for 629 (was 705).

Light Machine Guns Updates

Bullet velocity went up to 714 here, but gamers have noticed that they may not rely more on the mission mount in the power's barrel. Such machine guns received more power, especially RPD where the bullet speed increased to 684. The M60 also did not remain without modifications, now its bullet speed has increased to 791. The developers reduced the bonus for Bullet Velocity in these guns (of light machine type) to 41%, although this figure was 100%. In the RPD this dropped to 44%, and M60 - to 39%.


This type of weapon has also been modified, although the bullet speed here was slightly increased - only up to 206 from 200. If we consider the Magnum pistol, its bullet speed rose to 313 and before that it was 300. This did not frustrate experienced gamers because they are used to using such weapons at short and long distances. Pistol Charlie has also improved; a bullet velocity goes to 257 (was 250).

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Other Modifications

If you open a special weapon, then a cool Sniper Flinch appeared there. The maps now receive the new addresses - Standoff and Duga. Also, you will notice that the problem of respawning is resolved, where the character falls to the ground during this modificated respawning. The developers have improved the episode where the gamer fell by the geometry when he got inside the major tank. In terms of modes, now gamers may capture attachment points and scores for your group. You have one life to destroy multiple opponents; this will allow you to earn 5 high power buffs for the entire match.

If your group is in Hardpoint then capture will increase the movement speed there with a set timer for 30 seconds. Earn exceptions and pass timer time. Each kill of an enemy will add 15 seconds. Here the group wins, which scores 200 point and the biggest number of them until the time is up. Open your favorite playlists, now there is not only Standoff but also Party Games.

Molotov's hit on equipment was now improved to 75. A breakdown over time from this has become 20 (was 16). Also, some field updates have increased - the damage over time of the Gas Mine has increased to 25. And the breakdown interval here has decreased to 0.4 (was 0.2). The developers have made such improvements to give your character more chances to escape from the mine before dying. There were also improvements in the movements, the gamers were given more time to squat. Now it will be easier for you to change your stance between squats. Armament Mastery badges have moved to Best Play, you can also find them in Killcam.

Zombie Updates

Here the developers raised the energy for almost all armament types with the help of better critical breakdown multipliers. Now your character is rewarded for each killed zombie, and it's very nice. Many CoD guns have been improved with modifications to magazine size, breakdown and ammo. AK 47 also did not remain without improvements, its critical breakdown multiplier increased to 4.2 instead 2.8, and the maximum damage is now 85. XM4 assault rifle that improved critical breakdown to 4.4 (instead of 2.8). The maximum breakdown here increased to 67 instead 62. In Krig 6, the ammunition supply has increased to 480, and the critical breakdown multiplier up to 4.2.

The QBZ-83 rifle did not remain without modifications, the critical breakdown multiplier here increased to 4.2 from 2.8. Also here the maximum damage was increased, now its indicator is 69. For fans of FFAR 1, the developers increased the ammunition reserve to 500, although it was only 350. And the critical breakdown multiplier improved to 4.5 instead 2.8. The ammo stock of the Groza assault rifle has also increased, now it's 64 instead of 60. The critical breakdown multiplier is also higher, now it's 4.2 instead of 2.8. The FARA 83 rifle received a larger supply of ammunition, now it's 500 instead of 450. The critical breakdown multiplier has also increased, now it's 4.5. The max damage here was 72 and was 62.

Tactical rifle Type 63 was also improved, now with critical hit rate of 4.2. In M16, the critical breakdown multiplier goes up to 4.2. Powerful Tactical Rifle of model Charlie has also changed to provide gamers with more cool options, and the critical breakdown multiplier is improved to 4.2. And the tactical rifles Carv-o-Matic, DMR14, CARV.2, and Demolisher K14 were also received an improvement in critical breakdown multiplier to 4.2 instead 2.5. Pistols 1911 and Pain also increased the critical breakdown multiplier, now the figure is 4.2 instead of 4.0. The Personal Pistol Eye (Pack-A-Punched) improved ammo to 264 instead 288. The Pistol Charlie has increased its critical breakdown multiplier to 4.5. Cool Die-a-Lotti also received changes, its ammo level improved to 420 instead of 330, and its critical breakdown multiplier goes to 4.5 (was 3.5).

Global Improvements

The CoD patch notes have brought many improvements to this series of games. Your hero can now unlock the Tactical Weapon in Rifle Scheme, but for that you need to finish all 9 Challenges. Also complete 9 battle zones to unlock armament for the sniper rifle types. Packet Loss mtrs were also restored. The developers have fixed the problem when all gestures are reset if you close applications. If the gamer receive access to cool Prestige Shop then he can receive 2 cards for calling to Legacy Black Ops. Finish 100 levels this season and receive an animated business card.


This incredible season has received a lot of cool changes, thus improving weapons, armor, levels, player capabilities, ammunition, maps, etc. A gamer now receives the coolest opportunity for defining a submachine gun or assault rifle. Try all the possibilities of this addictive gaming play for a real pleasure from the game. Go through missions, complete levels and unlock renewed armament, locations and abilities for your hero. The developers have listened to the advice of experienced gamers and gave more modifications for the popular types of weapons, armors, modes, and ammunition.