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Season of the Splicer. Updates, news, The Vault of Glass, adds Transmog, and more

Destiny update info has already shown the cool things that owners of this game have added in this improved season. They took note of the gamers' comments and brought back the powerful Kell of Light and horrendous Fallen Commander. Since the launch of the series of these games, gamers have repeatedly discussed their return. Bangie also added more improvements to weapons, armor, locations and modes. Finally, the Armor Synthesis system was also added for this cool new season. Gamers were waiting for this Transmog for a very long time. The Last City was locked in a cycle of eternal night, but now Mythrax and his group would be able to defeat all Vex. You will like other updates also because your character becomes superbly pumped to be almost invincible and give you an unforgettable gameplay.

Activity News and Updates

Among the numerous last Destiny updates, it should be noted that the main activities have been improved. Some features have been added and others have been updated. In the general section, you can mark the newer 4 lost Sectors, now they are in the day rotation (only for Master and Legend difficulty levels). Previously, players saw bugs: accumulated or unresponsive opponents may get stuck in different actions. This problem has now been resolved. There were also difficulties when AI enemies couldn’t shoot in a battle with 6 players if there are many living opponents around them. The developers have now fixed this problem. Other activities have also been slightly modified.


  • You may now place heavy ammo in previously inaccessible locations, the Altar of Flame, but also Distant Shore with Bannerfall zones have been unlocked.

  • If you open activity, then review the performance of your team in a cyclical order.

  • Your character will not be standing on the cliff edge at the start of a game session. Dead Cliff has been adjusted for the spawn point.

  • Rule of Mercy no longer works in private fights, it was disabled.

  • In the Showdown Battles, the defeat sound for whole crew is adjusted.


  • In last series, if the enemy was hiding in the cleared area of ​​the front, then you could not change the front. This rare complexity has now been removed.

  • Previously, Scorn Abomination could transform into a friendly entity and fight with other Scorns. Now there is no.

  • Here players noticed a wrong wave progression that went on Legion's Folly (Vex). The progression has now been adjusted.

  • You saw if a group of the enemy called their primitives, then the falling dust particles immediately disappeared. This has now been fixed.

Destination patrol

The developers corrected the problem when some riddles of the chests were not displayed on the Moon. There are no more forgotten dead men in Cosmodrome location of this exciting current Destiny 2 season. All those killed were deleted and buried. Grottos has received restraint for gamers near water boundaries by certain volumes. In Dreams City, the filling of slots in quests has been adjusted; in the last series, players lost the task "Little Gift" that was assigned to them.


  • Now your character has a better chance of recovering, because when you first met in Rasputin's place, the deaths number in the pits was reduced.

  • When the blow ends, the character's ghost will immediately revive.

  • In Devil's Lair, a bug is changed where, the gamer gets air stuck while using Thundercrash.

New Updates for Light Campaign

  • Now, the game owners corrected the tips with explanations in certain posts to educate players.

  • When you complete the Crucible and Gambit missions, the training messages will not appear and distract you.

Weapon Updates

Several modes and ammo set have been increased to give users more chances of defeating opponents. Energy types for many armor variants are changed but armor modifications are obsolete. New weapon in Destiny became an improved variant from previous variants. Some of the film inserts have used male hands for female characters. You will now only see female models when you view your hero's equipment. Khepri's Sting will not give you Truesight when a smoke bomb of another Guardian's is activated.

Also, bug is corrected in mod with Heavy Handed and it had a melee issue with Shiver Strike. Gamers now may activate cool melee features in mod with the Severance Enclosure using Stasis. If you prefer a trail rifle, then the developers added full kit of armor variants. In this new Season, the Legacy Armor Upgrade Socket has been replaced with an Armor Upgrade Socket, but now in a combat style.

Other Destiny patch notes delight players this season:

  • Ammo stock will not be reduced by Subsistence.

  • Sympathetic Arsenal not only uses its main effect, but also gives players +20 more charge.

  • If you like Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor, this will now only work in gameplay for the Stasis subclass.

  • Lament's Heavy Attack breakdown decreased by 16%.

  • Corrected issue in Symmetry where it could deal damage to a friendly side on command in Crucible if alternate fire was activated.

  • The developers fixed a bug where Cloudstrike made a thunderstorm even if he was shooting at invulnerable opponents.

  • Fixed a problem where the usual orange light color in Rifle Summoner Auto is now changed to white.

  • Submachine Guns are on a par with automatic rifles; their share of ammo to destroy is the same.

  • Secondary characteristics of Iron Gaze supplemented with a penalty that decreased by 30 (was 40).

  • Adept Mag could not operate with Sola's Scar, now this issue is fixed.

  • Recoil direction has gained an increased advantage for Adept Counterbalance.

  • No Distractions are changed for Exotics in catalyst for Mida Multitool.

  • You will now see another watermark in the Adored Sniper Rifle.

Now you will not see the Infusion Caps because it was removed from the Legendary Weapons section. The aiming distance has now been reduced by 4 m. for a cruel hand cannons. Gamers also find that the damage to the chip from the sword was also removed. The Precision Auto Rifle's one-shot damage has been increased by one point (to 18). The linear thermonuclear rifle also received innovations, its exact damage increased by 15%, and this weapon also received more ammunition by 20%. Players will receive a bonus to breakdown from Frenzy, but now it has decreased to 15% (was 20%).

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Glory and Dignity

Gamers now have unified tracking of reputation and their Glory metrics. Subrangs changed their name to just ranks (their usage changed where appropriate). Valor victory streaks will not be blocked on the Glory playlist. Valor badge will now appear when you start a challenge. If you received the rank for dishonor Distant Relation, then it would be available (but only if you have not received it before). Destiny 2 new quest activity available for you to try improved battle and defeat your opponent. Gamers could receive reward for the rank in Bygones Infamy and all restrictions were deleted. In Banshee-44, you will not see any armor improvements, just get an offer to choose a weapon mod (they will change every day).

Infusion Cap for experienced gamers to use of armaments has increased by 10 items. Any source will suggest improvements to 1260 and more powerful sources will suggest improves to 1310. Try Stasis Aspect mission, this is the new version for Exo Stranger. All rewards that the gamer got in the battles are changed every 7 days in a cyclic mode; previously it was a random change. If you opened the quest Memories with Eris Morn then you did not see her map markers, now this problem has been fixed. You will need to take the Stasis subclass in order to receive a cool chance to get the Gambit reward and 3 repeatable versions of it.

Seasonal Improvements

Temporary armor kit Destiny latest patch may be opened only through Seasonal Events. The note Well-Rested was completely revamped to help gamers finish Seasonal Challenges than seeing it in weekly bounties. Gaming reward tier was added to XP that you may receive for these quests. Gamer will not find Shaders in your inventory, they went to Collections. Any of them in unlocked mode might be gotten for armament or armor, but only for 500 Glimmer. Some header categories have been moved; see Past header section for Seasonal Challenges. This game armor will not appear in the mission with Season Pass.

Other News and Updates

The Destiny weapon patch was also improved, with some armaments upgraded from the past game season and a part were given to gamers from the original gaming process. Some gamers are delighted that they can now use cool armament from old Vanguard. For this version, fans will see a completely new armament - the incredible Cryosthesia 77k pistol. The Vault of Glass view is preserved and known to gamers from past game versions, but the owners have made several changes. It is an improved Override matchup where gamers with a Season Pass may participate (for 6 characters). The Pinnacle quest was also added. Both of these states will allow gamers to get new armament and protection for their heroes.

Character Capabilities

The developers have corrected the flaws in Hunter Arcstrider. Function of the freezing mode detonation for the Hunter was reduced here, now the radius of action has become 8.5 m. In Titans mode, the problem where the gamer activated the Whisper of Torment when he is standing on the enemy's barricade has been fixed. In Chaos Reach, the developers also corrected the problem where the gamer may pass through walls to combat the enemy on another side. The power of Shiver Strike returns after Glacial Quake finishes.

General Updates

Gamers may now filter offers when they select Archive for Eververse Storefront. New offers have appeared there, this has increased by 200 pieces. Grim Engrams are now concentrated and decrypted automatically upon receipt. Gamer may choose Prismatic Recaster updates. New visual effects for concentration options have now been optimized to remove confusion and some clutter. Changes were made inside system and resource sections: the developers have added blur options motion that would be available not only on PS4 but also on Xbox One. The goal is to make the game interesting and fun for different operating systems. And, the last season had problems and there were many complaints from gamers, now the gaming owners have thought about eliminating such a problem.

Raid Updates

If we consider Deep Stone Crypt, then here we see several modifications: the problem where the gamer can’t delete Rally Banner if he begins the last battle has been fixed. Also, real problem was corrected when gamer activated the quarantine mode if he collided with the crypt protection and used the finisher on the enemies. It was a real mistake in Salvation Garden - not all music set was unlocked during the Divinity mission. In Last Wish, gamers see that Riven can now start the spell 20 seconds faster, but only if she can switch to a particular side.


The new season has prepared many more wonderful improvements that will help you make the game more exciting. Check out what's new for the Destiny splicer battery and see legendary weapon mods. Protect your hero with new armor and become even more accurate for long-range battles. The melee system has also been updated so that your hero can resist in hand-to-hand combat. Check out Destiny 2 splice drops mods and make your character more dangerous to enemies. The game owners promised to fulfill many conditions and now we see that the players are happy with such modifications.

Many bugs have been fixed so that crashes do not distract you from the gameplay. Now gamers get more cool stuff and nice bonuses. The rewards are now even cooler; don't miss the chance to take everything. Unlock new territories and complete missions to improve your armor, additional features, protection, and armament. Users have already tried the new variation and are still exploring all the improvements