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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone season 3 Reloaded updates Verdansk ’84

Call of Duty has prepared some amazing updates to bring even more excitement and adrenaline into Season 3. First updates are improved weapons and new maps are complemented by the introduction of two famous action stars, as well as some iconic locations from these films. In addition to John Rambo and McClane, in the game you will notice locations from Die Hard and Rambo. This Warzone update attracted not only new players but also fans of these legendary movie masterpieces.

Updates for Modes and Weapons

Also CoD Verdansk '84 received new attractions dedicated to Rambo. Black Cold War will become even more exciting as improved locations have opened up to repel attacks at short and long distances. Now, you will find 10 scattered survival camps where players can find the best loot and tokens to collect. Very cool that the next Call of Duty latest update includes a new CIA outpost located in one of the aircraft hangars.

Other impressive features of the third season:

  • two new multiplayer maps at launch,

  • rambo's Gun Game mode (gives more firepower and a StimShot to keep players in action),

  • two improved game modes for action movie stars,

  • guns Blazing mode for the 80s action hero update (to transform into John McClane or John Rambo),

  • new combat bow and ballistic knife.

The dynamic and varied gameplay of Verdansk 1984 is complemented by a description of new tactics with more than 300 tips (new map, recommendations for weapon sets, etc.) Explore all the innovations of the Call of Duty new season to not only get victory, but also enjoy the extreme way to your win. Video Game Black Ops is even more adrenaline and a real action movie; the realism of the game is incredible.

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Improved Locations for Tracking the Enemy

Call of Duty: Warzone did not leave players without convenient places to find enemies. Such observation posts are located throughout Verdansk and now you know which place will give you more advantages:

  • Gora viaduct. The scenic bridge will give you the opportunity to make an excellent hardpoint, jump on the roof of the boat, do various tricks, but also hunt down the enemy through and make an accurate shot.

  • Old Verdansk Stadium. The territory has expanded and now there is a commentary booth, a massive scoreboard or a construction crane. Beautiful views provide an excellent overview.

  • Old mine. The old mines will be a convenient place to ambush and repel enemy melee attacks.

  • Factory. The improved aviation service factory area includes four large depots with access to the cockpit and engine compartment. Outside there is a large hangar, a parked plane, small buildings, and a fuel tower.

  • Construction site Apartments on Barakett Promenade. These five-storey residential complexes are a great labyrinth of many rooms and corridors. One of the buildings is still unfinished, so you need to choose the right path so as not to make a tactical mistake.

CoD Wins Boosting

Call of Duty Black Ops and Warzone can become easier and more convenient if you upgrade your Call of Duty status. The TrueCost catalog contains certain items of weapons, equipment, defenses and more, players will want to give this to their hero and accelerate his path to victory.

  • Any Pistol (1-35 leveling).

  • Any Assault Rifle (1-55 leveling).

  • Any Sniper Rifles (1-55 leveling).

  • Any Submachine Gun (1-55 leveling).

The third season reloaded update gives more cool locations and opportunities, now you have a great chance to make your hero a winner. Our platform offers experienced gamers with a high level of achievement. Also, the client gets affordable prices and operative execution of each order.