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Outriders Guide: Challenge Tier

It is important to know that the Outriders Challenge Tier will only be available after completing the main quest. The test mission system here goes not like in the World Tier. This only affects Outriders Expeditions that are unlocked after ending the main quest. The opening of new missions provides an excellent opportunity to try out battles with higher level enemies. It will also increase your chances of getting cooler gear types. Any player wants to reach a more advanced game task in order to open up more possibilities for his character activity. The best solution is Expeditions after completing the main quest.

Features Challenge Tiers in Outriders

This game has 15 missions of challenges that will become open to the gamer after completing the main quest. Your hero finishes endgames to get different unlock Expeditions. Professionals advise trying to complete those with a gold rating. These will be the most difficult tasks, and they have certain features:

  • They are a bit similar to the leveling World Tier - your actions determine what your reward will be.
  • By choosing a specific Expedition in any camp, the gamer can also choose the Challenge Tier. Look at the bottom of the game screen; there you see the enemy indicator and the item of production.
  • Your challenge mission does not affect how dangerous and powerful enemies are in various actions.
  • The game level does not change the opponent’s number in the battle; it only scales them to the mission that might be associated with a specific Challenge Tier.
  • Any player can speed up expeditions to make his character even more powerful and dangerous for enemies (you need loot of a higher level, so be ready to fight opponents of not low mission to raise your capabilities).

It would be easier to understand what missions will give you access to new Expeditions. Finish the quest of any difficulty and complete the Expedition so that your hero gets more advantages over the enemy: CT1 is Level 31, then levels for Challenge Tier are in 32, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 Levels.

Completing Gold-rated Expeditions

Outriders Challenge grabs attention with exciting gameplay, but gamers also want to unlock more cool gear and get medals. They are learning different ways to complete levels and improve their gaming experience. If you look at the Challenge Tier chart, you may mark that the first Expeditions players prefer are the gold-rated missions. Finish the Gold-rated Expedition at the highest unlocked level, and then open the next level. That is, if you have opened CT2 (complete it with a gold rating), then you will be able to open CT3 after one Expedition.

It is important to note that quests with a gold rating are quite difficult, so there are some simple tips to make it easier to complete the game:

Start the Expedition by dressing your character in the best outfit. For the game to be simpler, you need to increase the indicators of all gears. The firepower of more qualified enemies is quite high; protect your character with the best armor. Your hero's equipment should be modified in the best possible way. Abilities of your outrider should be cool (increase firepower and anomaly power).

Best Ways to Reach Challenge Tier

Enemies in such missions are more dangerous than your middle opponents. Your person can often die because the enemy may be stronger. The key point here is to go back via Outriders Campaign, to use the replay story missions or farm Beast Hunts. To successfully pass the expeditions, do not forget about important attributes:

  • your armor and weapons;
  • healing;
  • health care;
  • improvements of survival, etc.

Pay attention to the mod, for example, an emergency position. Here your hero gets the effect of the golem in a few seconds if its health point decreased by 30%. In addition to familiar areas of Chem Plant and Boom Town, you can go to Archway of Enoch. This is not a very difficult location and fighting the enemies here would be easier.

If your hero doesn’t have the Life leech available for chance legendary weapons, the best decision is to use the Thirst for Blood, which helps to increase weapon leech by 40% for Challenge Tier time in 10 seconds. There are a lot of weapons in your arsenal, but experienced players advise to use legendary shotgun Bulwark for this Outriders endgame content. Your hero can have one gun with one mod; the best option is to drop and swap it to a gun with a higher level.

Expeditions have their own gaming system that covers 15 missions and different degrees of tasks. Many gamers noted that such levels are much more complicated than simple in the gameplay. Each completed mission opens up more opportunities, but your enemies become stronger. An important point is to update your character's abilities (its firepower, armor, etc.). You can go through any level and boost your character. More experienced enemies may be afraid of you and you can win by developing your hero.