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The first offseason in Call of Duty MWII and Warzone 2.0

The first offseason in Call of Duty MW II and Warzone 2.0:

With the Call of Duty MW II and Warzone 2.0 game update that came out on December 14 brought us new skins, modes, maps and even functionality for playing in a group with friends. The new raid is definitely challenging to get through, so you should start preparing now. Also we got new space bundle, Qatar World Cup-themed mode, zeroing of all the stats in the game, raid and new character Klaus. What was added to the game:

  • New Atomgrad raid in Special Ops;

  • The Shitment map in multiplayer;

  • Unique events for the new year;

  • New zone in DMZ mode;

  • New Operator;

  • New feature for easy play with friends;

  • Call of Duty League Major I;

As you can see there are quite a few changes for the first offseason, let's take a closer look.

Atomgrad Raid - Grind in the game Call of Duty MW II:

Fans of the game understand the journey into the world of Urzykstan familiar to us from the game 2019. The new raid "Atomgrad" - by the name it is clear that we have to fight the evil Russians, which for the series is not new. Get ready for a difficult challenge, because half of the raid takes place in pitch black.

You, or rather Price, Farah and Gaz will go in search of the missing team operators in a dark abandoned bunker Urzykstan. The raid continues the events of the Modern Warfare 2 story campaign, so it's certainly advisable to familiarize yourself with it before you move on to the raid. As Captain Price himself said, the raid requires from you "brutality and timeliness".

Rewards will become available to you for successfully completing the raid:

  • A new Gaz operative (he can be used in all Call of Duty game modes, including Warzone Mobile upon its release);

  • Increased difficulty playlist (the same raid, but with a stronger AI);

  • Game cosmetics (given for completing hidden tasks in the raid);

The hardest part of this raid is the preparation for the raid itself, you need to complete several tasks to access the operation, and they are, let me tell you, not the easiest, definitely not the strength of every player:

Complete a certain daily assignment in Battle Pass;

Be in the top 20 on any Warzone 2.0 playlist;

Successfully evacuate the last helicopter in the last zone in DMZ mode;

The last mission, will require you to coordinate your teamwork, preferably, of course, pass the mission with friends, otherwise you will have to open a pass to the raid for hours, suffering with randoms and dying from the players. To successfully complete the mission you need to collect 30 thousand dollars, then you need to survive defending from other players, also don't forget to watch out for enemy's helicopters. Closer to the end of the match find the last helicopter and successfully evacuate from the map Al Mazrah.

The return of the legendary Shipment map to Call of Duty MW II multiplayer:

One of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history has been reimagined for Call of Duty MW II multiplayer. Shipment is probably the most legendary map in CoD, it originates from Modern Warfare 2007. Later it also appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (alpha version), and of course it was reimagined in the game 2019. The developers have brought the map back again, reimagining it in a new way.

The new location will bring the player to a sinking cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean during a storm. Also, the developers will release a special New Year's Eve map Shipment, such decoration will be in effect from December 21 to January 4.

The new zone in the DMZ: In DMZ mode in Warzone 2.0, a new zone will appear on the Al Mazrah map, which is much more dangerous than the previous ones. The location of the zone is classified, players will have to sweat to find the new zone. The new zone is a secret biological laboratory called "Building 21": only the strongest operators will be able to survive and collect the reward. The developers warn players, there are still a lot of secrets there, probably as many as there were at the release of Warzone 2. Apparently in the new zone we will meet a new boss with enhanced AI fighters, and it seems that to open the new weapon "Chimera" will require killing the boss.

World Cup 2022 Limited Mode:

Meet a new limited mode that harkens back to the legendary Rocket League game. In short, it's a new time-limited mode where players are divided into two teams and sent to the Al Easima soccer field, where one of the rival soccer clubs, Al Mazrah, is located. Here you will be riding on new quad bikes, you will have a chance to jump and even fly, but no, not fly, just jump and push the ball into the opponent's goal with special force, well in general, not bad either, but with the local physics, it will be, terribly, painful...

For fans of the more traditional Battle Royale, Mini-Royal also returns. It's a condensed version of the standard battle in Al Mazrah, with circles narrowed down in mode immediately after landing. The Mini-Royal is perfect for those who like massive firefights, betrayal of allies, and back shots. In the future, this mode will return in other variations.

Skins and holiday donations:

The new operative Klaus Fisker or Santa Claus in Call of Duty. According to the developers, he is also a legend from the squad of Denmark, who got his fame in the battles of Urzykstan. This operative is available in the Claus set.

A new weapon "Chimera" which will be available in the store in the advisory set. Also, this weapon can be obtained in DMZ mode, successfully evacuated from the map with the weapon. It can also be unlocked in multiplayer by doing a small challange. The effective range of the "Chimera" is less than most assault rifles, which makes it a more powerful and silent alternative to the faster-moving M13B, which is now hunted by everyone in the DMZ.

The new operative "Gas", which can be unlocked in the new raid "Atomgrad", but it can also be bought in the store in the appropriate set. For buying the bandle and completing the raid, the player is entitled to a bonus green-styled skin.

New Social Function:

The Groups feature, helps you find allies to close Challenges. The function can be found through the social menu, Groups allows you to find or create communities of players up to 5000 members. With tags, you can find players interested in you. These are the categories of tags available:

  • Call of Duty -based - Combat Pass Upgrade, DMZ, play battle royale and multiplayer, raid walkthroughs, etc;

  • Vibe-based: outside of gaming interests;

  • Other categories: Streamer connection, interest in participating in the CoD League, etc;

The group can also be customized by selecting a primary language, as well as a way to log in to the group. The above labels are used so that players can easily find the group by interest in the Call of Duty MW II browser. Once the group is created, you, and the group members will be able to communicate in a new text channel, as well as invite group members to raid/battle. In essence, it's clans from CoD Mobile, only without the clan battles and in-game rewards for activity, they only help to find friends of interest to play Call of Duty MW II.


Zeroing all players stats, there is an opportunity to start from scratch and level up the stats you are not happy with. For many players stats are very important, this part captures the various data on your account in a separate menu in the profile, where you can see your K/D, total game time, and so on, but all statistics will be reset, so, displayed in Combat Records will be achievements only from December 14, the rest, what was earlier - forget it, take it as a training before the championship.

In honor of the update, all players will be given four days to play with double the amount of experience. The event takes place on all PS4/PS5/Xbox/PC platforms. PlayStation console owners will receive a bonus in the form of increased experience for pumping weapons.

Recall, owners of Modern Warfare 2 to this day receive and will continue to receive an increased amount of experience in Warzone 2 matches, this privilege is only available to players in the battle royale without buying multiplayer. In addition, owners of the main game get access to all content, including Special Ops and Atomgrad Raid.