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Nuke is coming!

Rumors about a Nuclear Missile in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 turned out to be true.
Not so long ago launched a new game in the series of Warzone Battle Royale, on the map Al Mazrah you can end the match by calling the Nuclear Missile, as it was in the multiplayer part of the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. Except that the conditions for summoning the missile are different, for CoD MW II you had to get 30 or more kills in one life, and on the Warzone 2.0 map the conditions are much more difficult. For the first time in the world, the streamers named OPMarked, Wagnificentt and EthanStellar managed to summon a nuclear strike on the Al-Mazrah map. To do this, they had to do a series of consecutive actions in the game. Developers have already had time to congratulate the players that they are the first in the history of the game, who managed to blow up the map Al Mazrah in Warzone 2.0 game since this mechanics is hidden and is not obvious to the usual players of this Battle Royale.
And so what does it take a nuclear strike in the game?
Instructions on how to get Nukes in Warzone 2.0:
  • Win five consecutive matches in Warzone 2.0.

  • Start the Champion's Quest contract.

  • Find the three elements that make up a Nuclear Bomb.

  • Wait until the location for the bomb appears on the map.

  • Arm the Nuclear Bomb with the three components.

  • Defend the bomb from other players for two minutes.

Let's talk more about meeting these conditions.
The first thing you need to accomplish is five wins in a row in Battle Royale mode. To do this you need to solo or team mode, take first place on the map eliminating all the teams of the enemy, it must be done five times in a row. After that, you need to run another game in this mode, you and your team will have a unique contract on the map of Al Mazra called Champion's Quest, which requires you to find three pieces of equipment (tritium, beryllium and plutonium), of which nuclear weapons are composed. Pay attention to the fact that you and your team will be seen by all opposing teams and players on the map, so be ready to fight off not only bots, but also real players who will not allow you to easily take their victory in the game. After collecting all elements of the contract on your map will be a place to call the nuclear strike, after you get to the target on the map shell all three components in a nuclear bomb, and then you will need to defend it for two minutes. After completing all the conditions, no matter how many enemy teams are left on the map you still win the match and watch a unique victory splash screen where the Al-Mazra map explodes with a nuclear strike. After your victory you are given rewards, namely a unique emblem and business card for your account and a whole bunch of game experience. It's still not clear whether this sequence of actions is permanent or in the next seasons the developers will come up with something new, but it is clear that it's not so easy to cause a nuclear strike, it takes quite a lot of attempts, time and nerves, but it's still nice to show off to the other players with unique emblems.

Let's talk about other less complex, but no less unique rewards game Warzone 2.0.
The game also added a new DMZ mode, DMZ mode is the only new Warzone 2.0 and an alternative to the usual Battle Royale. It reminded me most of last year's Hazard Zone from Battlefield 2042. Here, too, you land a small squad on a huge map, complete objectives, along the way encountering resistance from AI enemies and other squads before evacuating with the loot. Exactly the same way evacuation is the hardest part of the game, which usually ends badly. Okay, I'm new to DMZ, but the concept is interesting and fun to play. There's plenty of loot, and the sooner you can find a roomier backpack, the more money you'll score. At the buying stations for the money you can buy weightier weapons, as well as tactical gadgets that will make life easier when confronted with real people. The problem is that meeting them in the first half of an hour - a real challenge. On the same map are running and patrolling hundreds of bots, and often they clearly know where you are. There is a dissonance: the bots are obviously very stupid, and their shooting is not any challange. However, sometimes they can clearly see you and shoot even through walls - it's no fun when your two partners are long dead. Fix the bots' intelligence and deprive them of cheats - the first task of Activision, otherwise a very curious mode will lose the audience. In this mode there are unique bots (Chemist and Juggernaut), from them drop rare equipment when evacuating with which will give unique rewards.
To unlock the M13B will need to land on the map in DMZ mode and find the area marked with radiation, it should be noted that vri enter such a zone you will be damaged by radiation, you can find special pills which at the time will allow you to walk around the zone and ignore the damage from radiation. In the radiation zone you need to find the Chemist along the way shooting from the AI and other players who want to get in your way, after finding the Chemist you need to eliminate him, he will drop a unique skin on the M13B, then you need to evacuate from the map without losing your unique reward. After all the action you will unlock a new weapon in the equipment tab and a skin for this weapon. Also in the DMZ mode you can find another Juggernaut AI fighter, if you kill him you will get a reward case with which you also need to evacuate from the map, after the evacuation you will get a unique skin for the RPK weapon. After each successful evacuation with this case you will be given a unique stripes and emblems, after seven successful evacuations you are given a unique look on the character Kenning called biohazard.