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League of Legend New Items Update in Season 11

The LoL devs have focused on gameplay improvement in the preseason of 2021. Its main theme is a complete overhaul of the item system. There are Legendary and Mythic LoL-items, as well as the fresh Ability Boost stat and other jungle refreshments. Lots of LoL item changes have come into pieces, champs, runes, and more, which means you need to figure them out carefully. We have prepared everything that should appear in patch 11.1.

They showed what to expect with the numerous mythical and legendary things to be released. The idea behind this is to give players a clearer conception of ​​what to build for and what these new items the league does for their champ. Riot previously explained that they wanted to keep roughly a third of all objects the same, update another third, and make a final piece made up of brand new-launched ones that people struggle with.

Mythical Goodies Store Update

The store interface has undergone major improvements. A set of recommended objects is offered to each hero. They refresh based on enemy champions, current build, and stage of play. This section helps you quickly understand which articles give you the edge in the match.

  • Mythic and Legendary objects appear in the updated store. The session offers recommended ones based on the player's champion and team.

  • You can choose one mythical object in the game, which serves as the basis for further assembly.

  • Each subject helps a specific class for its purposes. Case in point, it is easier for magicians to prepare for an attack, assassins - to destroy enemies one by one, and warriors - to get out dry from any troubles.

  • There are 39 new league items in total.

  • Redrawn some icons for basic pieces.

Traditionally, the developers add first-time skins: modified Nasus, modified Zak, rebel Jace, rebel Singed and rebel Yorick.

Improving the effectiveness of artifacts

In the launched season, Riot is going to transform the power of goodies. In the past, players often complained: it was too harsh. Each thing has an assassin-style buff which turns any champion into an explosive mage, bruise, assassin, or marksman. Even supporters can buy Eclipse. In patch 11.1, the company is going to make the characteristics of many artifacts smoother and more stable. The following objects have undergone the most significant updates:

  • Archangel's staff. His strike increased to 65 and his elder percentage dropped to 2%.

  • Duskblade of Drakkar. Attack damage increased to 60, Shadowcarve Draktarra (Orn upgrade) Attack damage to 75.

  • Hextech new items - Rocket Belt. Maximum power is 90, health - up to 350. The health of the improved airplane - 450.

  • Ionian Boots of Clarity. Skills are now 20.

  • Shurelya’s battle song. Movement speed is now 60% with a delay of up to 4 seconds.

  • Night harvester. Health increased to 300, strength to 90.

Also, there have been minor variables in:

  • Masamune;

  • Muramasa;

  • Runyan’s Hurricane;

  • Prowler’s Claw;

  • Trinity Force;

  • Stridebreaker and others.

Main Innovations of the Season

The developers have announced a major update which fundamentally transforms the gameplay. Players need a lot of time to figure them out. We've rounded up a few important highlights from Competitive Season 9 you shouldn't forget.

Healing and Terrible Wounds

Recently, the game has more first-time healing options, but at the same time, it caused some problems. The upgrade League of Legends should solve it.

Healing is too common in the game now. Terrible wounds are used in almost every match. However, it must have a strong and decisive effect to prevent over-treatment. It is planned to rework some runes, items League of Legend, and abilities, reducing the effectiveness of healing where possible. This would make Scary Wounds become a niche effect again.

On the other hand, Grievous Wounds do not always help to counter powerful healers, especially if these healers dominate the match. After the update, things with Ghastly Wounds become more useful against champions with excess healing.

Reworked Cooldown Reduction Mechanics

The principle of Cooldown Reduction might refresh. It does not affect the purpose to diversify assemblies and make this indicator more flexible in use. It is now called skill cast speed which is calculated linearly. Now the higher the performance indicator is, the more benefit it brings.

Thus, when purchasing artifacts, the cooldown always decreases by a fixed amount, rather than exponentially. There are no plans to convert Cooldown Reduction to Skill Casting Speed ​​at a 1: 1 ratio, as it would be a direct stat reduction. Players could unleash a barrage of spells on enemies - it's just those updates to take into consideration. The system has become simpler and more transparent. Passive cooldowns no longer interfere with haste and article efficiency.

An Endless Opportunity to Increase the Speed of Using Skills

In version 2021, there is no longer a 40% cooldown limit, which is stacked with other indicators. There are new builds, having been focused primarily on the speed of applying skills.

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This important metric interacts with various crowd control effects. It is an efficient weapon against enemies who have a lot of tight control. In the season, the effectiveness and popularity of this indicator increases. But it does not affect the effects of displacement (knockback and pull), because they are focused on changing the position of the champ, and not on prolonged stun.

Foresters’ Goodies

Speaking about the starter articles for Daolo Support Champions, Pokuteli could have found them in the intercourse. The approach has proven to be very effective. So, we apply it to the foresters as well. Jungler Starter goodies are bundled into a single thing that does not need to spend extra gold and give Junglers all the stats and resource recovery bonuses they need, allowing them to jump straight to the core details.

Distribution by class and analyzed their areas of application in recent years. This helped define specific goals for each class. The changes highlight the unique characteristics of champ classes and improve the overall system.

New Marksman Items

These artifacts would gain unusual features and benefits as a result of the update. Now there is no room for niche add-ons for shooters due to a large number of required artifacts. But now more situational parts have important parameters, so they won’t have to sacrifice efficiency and damage.


Marksmen are often overly dependent on the team despite their power. These are some of the strongest characters, but they must listen and obey other less weak and necessary ones.

Of course, it is the variety of classes of objects and characters that makes the game unique, makes it balanced and exciting. Otherwise, it would be boring to play it. But dependence on the team sometimes leads to problems. Players fail due to a lack of coordination or an unbalanced team.

The developers are planning to add a couple of items that help the marksmen survive when their team is acting incoherently and cannot provide support. By purchasing such a goodie, the shooter deliberately sacrifices optimal damage in exchange for independence. Now he will be able to act at his discretion, albeit with less power.

Also, as a result of the variables, players get more value from the first and niche objects:

  • First bought artifacts are endowed with unique properties

  • Marksman receives special-mission niche articles. These objects increase armor or spell shooter-oriented.

Magician Add-Ons

  • Now artifacts for mages have a greater variety of possibilities and effects that help in missions and wars.

  • Mages-artillerists have a special League of Legends item that grants them unique properties.

  • The cooldown is reduced and mages can choose between the speed of their skills and get more powerful assemblies.

The main unique artifices are now:

  • The crossbow of immortality helps marksmen survive explosive damage and return to battle.

  • The Kraken killer allows them to deal with even the toughest enemies.

  • Using the Force of the Storm makes it easier to dodge powerful targeted skills, as well as finish off low-health aims.

Warriors and Assassins Dealing Magic Damage

Warriors and assassins with magic damage are quite rare in the game. Therefore, they combined them into one large group to develop a common set of key add-ons to progress. At the beginning of the game, all the champions of this group focus on dealing alpha-damage, and only later they choose between improving their defensive performance and further increasing their DPS rates.

In the launched season, players can receive:

  • Several early game options with appropriate stats and effects. Cite one example, items in League of Legends without mana or ones that focus on DPS and defense at the same time.

  • Improving the effectiveness of others. Depending on the champ and the situation, players may include tank-focused pieces or mages in their build as final items. It gives them freedom of choice and builds flexibility.

Also, additional benefits are going to be gained by wars causing physical damage. They have fresh protective items that expand the capabilities of Streak’s Trial and Dance of Death.

In the LOL season update, assassins are free to choose which order to buy basic objects, but they lack the situational options that most classes have. We'll be adding more niche assassin artifacts to spice up their builds. Besides, they can receive first-time specialized goodies and borrow them from other classes.

Tanks’ New Artifacts

As a result, such a powerful character receives many advantages. There is a redistribution of niche and must-have objects. The main updates in behalf of this class are as follows:

  • more options toward defensive assemblies focused on team support. Each session sets task-to-tank: to resist the split-push Tryndamer, to immobilize the enemy Azir, to protect the allied Kog'Maw, and so on. Therefore, they must have the right pieces on behalf of every planned and unplanned occasion.

  • Unique items for tanks that emphasize not only their survivability but also other useful qualities. So that tanks can not only absorb urns from enemies but also have additional skills.

  • Goodies which are fun to buy and use late in the play-acting.

League of Legend items list includes: The ice fire gauntlet turns tanks into real monsters that you cannot escape from. Chemical Rocket Armor helps initiator tanks lead the offensive. With the Aegis of Solar Flame, tanks become a real threat in protracted battles.

Sorcerers’ Equipment

Now the sorcerers have only a couple of super-powerful things, which can surpass the rest with their properties. This forces Wizards to follow the same builds in every gaming stage. But in the new season, they have more freedom of choice, making unpopular options more attractive and creating unique artifacts with bizarre functions.

Further, the developers decided to reduce the number of goodies with active effects. Now there are 2-3 of them. Finally, some wizard item of League of Legends offers them all at once. They have defensive stats, cooldown reduction, healing, mana regeneration, and active effects, but in season 11, each detail has a clear purpose to set it apart from the rest.

Finally, the players and fans of the legendary game have waited for a newly-launched 11 season. The developers promised a lot of breathtaking things, updating items and artifacts which make the game more exciting and take it to the next level.