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Improving Your Aim in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Improving Your Aim in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The most discussed entry of the 2020 gaming market is a new version of the Call of Duty first-person shooter. Black Ops Cold War is available for each willing gamesman from any country. The release took place in November, and the rating of the CoD 12th series is still increasing. Nevertheless, most shooter fans face some problems with their gaming progress.

It goes without saying that players should cope with different challenges and find their optimal playstyle to improve their hero and boost individual statistics. One of the most important tasks is to regulate the aim while shooting to level up the performance of the CoD character. The TrueCost prof team has already prepared the best Call of Duty tips to improve the aim fast and easily.

How to Peg Well at Any Target?

The key purpose of the reckless participant of battle royals is to perform perfect headshots. First, high-level accuracy brings awesome scores. Secondly, the hero gets more experience and goodies like armament (shotguns, launchers, melee weapons). Additionally, everyone dreams to become a top-player with numerous achievements to be proud of.

Therefore, the true answer to the actual question: “How to be a better CoD player?” is to make improvements in straight-shooting. Start with be-on-target skills. Let’s take a closer look at the list of helpful recommendations that will come in handy both for newcomers and middle-level gamesmen.

Top 10 Call of Duty Aiming Tips to Take into Consideration

If you are ready to get better at Call of Duty, begin with preparatory activities. To carry out complicated tasks and become an experienced marksman, come to the conclusion that your settings are well-regulated. You should feel comfortable while playing. Some practical suggestions come a little bit later.

1 Matchable Thumbsticks

Most CoD lovers hang around with their PlayStation. So, appropriate thumbsticks settings are required for your aim skill-boosting. Moreover, it is important to select the right type of garniture according to your parameters and preferences. Let’s pick sides with the perfect assistant for your exceptional accuracy of aim:

  • Concave models – are suitable to mount really accurate movements (when your hero should run, jump, fight, perform maneuverable activities).
  • Domed items - are more popular among snipers and other sharpshooters (they provide you with advanced accuracy of shots).

Additionally, the fitting for PS gaming sessions can be divided into two groups – big and small. Prof gamesmen also call these models short and tall. With the help of compact thumbsticks, you are able to move faster. A larger size means that the play mode angle turns out to be rather extensive.

Spectacular Examples to Take into Account

Supposing you enjoy an aggressive mode of gaming, it is preferable to select compact domed models that would benefit your accuracy level. If your hero moves much and obtains a defensive mode of action, choose large domed thumbsticks. The bigger a model is, the quicker your character is. To sum up, to arrange accurate shots, it is recommended to give preference to domed thumbsticks. The size of your ideal fitting depends on the type of your CoD character – short and large (tall) models are available for your cyber updates.

2 Proper Mouse Settings

If you are a PC-gamer, make tweaks to your mouse. It’s important to regulate the sensitivity of both buttons. Make the mouse fully-customized to bear quickly and fire away successfully. By the way, beginners would feel conveniently with the less sensitive mouse because their maneuvers are far from reflexive. Be open to experiments with adjustments to find superior customization. Here are other must-have tricks to stay satisfied with high-level precision and virtual legerity:

  • Switch off mouse acceleration to prevent overshooting.
  • Turn off V-Sync (Vertical Sync) to bang on.

These settings are accessible in the Call-of-Duty menu. Optionally, users may find adjustments on their computers. The shape of the PC device plays a significant role as well. You should push the left and right buttons easily and hover a cursor without any problems to react immediately to the changes, attacks, emergency situations.

3 Focus on Headshots

Quick kills are qualitatively-done headshots. Establish a habit to point your gun at enemies’ heads. Place a crosshair on the desired target and act fast. The TrueCost squad suggests drawing a bead on the lower part of the opponent’s face. You have a good chance to get a headshot, having shot to the jaw area. To hit the target, try to focus on the enemy’s chest. This is another efficient way to arrange resultative firing.

We offer our consumers to join the TrueCost team to plunge into the world of unbelievable emotions. This is your true experience to play with pro-gamers and observe the way they move, fire, get things done.

4 Tread Warily

You need to be attentive to your movements especially if we speak about vertical targets. Point at the object and keep calm while shooting. No by-movement and useless rush. How to get better at CoD? Beginners might train at the horizontal marks. Take part in the gunfights to boost your cyber-skills. Excellent warriors are not born – they practice all the time.

5 Give Preference to Open Space

It’s always convenient to conquer your rivals in the right place. For inexperienced warriors, we advise selecting open space for battles. If your vision capabilities are limited, it would be difficult to hit the butt. Note the fact - learning maps would take some time. In several months of constant practice, you won’t have trouble with opponents’ location. All favorite shelters might become well-known places where encounters usually hide.

6 Try Hand at Multiplayer Competitions

Namely multiplayer modes upgrade any skillset. Various participants beginning with newcomers and finishing with pro-gamesmen (cyber sportsmen, streamers, leading attendees of international tournaments) are looking forward to playing together with you. Optimally, find a companion, and connect via video calls or conference to discuss some situations. Appoint your own matches - invite other ones to exercise practically. Multi modes are designed to test and obtain proficient knowledge with the help of practical aspects. Plus you are likely to find out more about armament and effective boosters. Do not be shy to take an interest in:

  • submachine guns;
  • tactical rifles;
  • pistols;
  • launchers;
  • special arsenal.

Explore new maps, share ideas, ask about a piece of advice, be active. How to aim better in CoD? Don’t miss coaching offers, stay at nets, keep on practicing.

7 Participate in Single-Mode Campaigns

Single-player sessions bring self-confidence to unassured combat attendees. Alternate multiplayer battles with single-player rounds to try hands in different gameplay speeds, conditions, complexity. As an assurance of intensity and strengths, you may count on boosting services.

There are special shotguns, light machine guns, and special armaments from the perspective of the front-rank aiming accuracy. Unlock Plague Diamond Camo and receive extra Battle Pass experience, personal statistics, account level. Simplify the task through submachine guns with dual magnification sight. All the boosters are required to stay pleased with great performance, sharpshooting, gameplay progress.

8 Use Bots to Possess a Prime Grasp of Sharpshooting

If you wonder how to improve at Call of Duty without professional support or like-minded people to form a squad, arrange matches with bots. Set the difficulty to secure the required results. Bot setup includes the following parameters:

  • The number of friendly bots.
  • The number of enemy bots.
  • Complexity degrees (difficulty levels).

Speaking about bot difficulty levels, there are five accessible degrees: recruit, hardened, regular, veteran mixed.

9 Experimenting with Angles

Experiment with the points of engagement. Search out new angles for sharpshooting. Surprise encounters with the sudden sally. Your cheeses often depend on prone and crouching. They provide you with the flashy accomplishment of to-do missions. Don’t forget to mount your arms in case the encounter is approaching. In that manner, the recoil is reduced and the spots are touched with no hassle.

10 Check Your Weapon Specifications Once Again

The arsenal items should be of high specifications and meet your individual requirements. The weapon selection is a number one accommodation for warriors. Know your guns, cold-arms, and pistols superiorly. Familiarize yourself with bullet run-out length, loading case size, accessible attachments.

With the help of add-ons, you might complement standard specs several times. Our pro-team is ready to assist you with attachment selection. Add to the shopping cart all the needful units. Your sniper is going to be armed in the best way.

Final Word

The TrueCost boosters aim to simplify the single-purpose and average challenges of CoD-players. The Cold War series brought unlimited travails, exciting levels, victories, arsenal novelties. The professional squad is at your disposal when it comes to complications and boosting services. Open the catalog and sort goodies according to your demands.

Who knows, maybe your championship and recognition take place soon. Keep on training, exercising, and alleviate your skillset with us. Place the orders, send requests, follow us up, join us on social media networks! Be a good eye, speedy, and light-legged to succeed in battlefield fighting.