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How to unlock Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian camos in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

How to unlock Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian camos in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare

By now, you may have earned Gold camo on a weapon by completing 10 different camo challenges. Maybe you’ve earned the Platinum camo by earning Gold for an entire weapon category. Or, if you’re an extremely dedicated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Operator, you may be running around the lobbies in that colorful and awesome Damascus camo. The latest update to Modern Warfare brought the Obsidian camo, the ultimate badge of honor for weapon mastery. Unlocking it for a single weapon – let alone the entire arsenal – will take time, but those who put the effort in will be rewarded with one incredibly badass camouflage for that weapon. Here is how you unlock Obsidian camo, and what advice we have for those chasing one of the ultimate prizes within Modern Warfare.

Get Gold

Before you even step on the path to Obsidian for a given weapon, you must first unlock Gold for it. Each level up on a given weapon can unlock a weapon attachment, perk, and/or a camouflage that can be equipped through Gunsmith. Within each camo set are nine more camo patterns to unlock through camo challenges - unique objectives for every weapon class that test your abilities with that weapon in Multiplayer. These challenges have multiple tiers to them, giving you a new pattern upon completion of each step until you’ve fully completed the objective. Platinum or Damascus camo unlocks are unnecessary, but true completionists should still shoot to earn those other mastery camos. Just like Gold camo, all the weapon categories have different criteria for unlocking Obsidian camo:

Assault Rifles

Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 200 times. Tip: This is the longest challenge out of the bunch but remember: you are able to “stack” objectives in a single match. For example, if you get 30 kills with the AK-47, you get two tallies towards Obsidian.


Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. Tip: SMGs are surprisingly diverse even if they all are relatively good in close-range engagements. Try using damage range increasing attachments for low fire rate SMGs, and hip fire accuracy boosting attachments for fast firing ones.


Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. Tip: Don’t be afraid to rush in and play aggressively with shotguns, which excel in extreme close-quarters. Consider using Stim in your loadout to heal up faster to keep the pressure up in each engagement.


Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. Tip: These bulky weapons can do plenty of damage in Ground War. Unload the often-large clips of these weapons across bigger combat zones, and don’t forget to mount them to better manage their recoil!

Marksman Rifles

Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 150 times. Tip: All marksman rifles can down enemies in a single shot to their head. Whether you are holding back as a quasi-sniper or quickscoping, always aim for the head when using these weapons.

Sniper Rifles

Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 125 times. Tip: Snipers may be inclined to sit back and let enemies come to them. However, you may not have enough time to get 15 kills this way, so you might have to be more aggressive when using this weapon class to unlock Obsidian quicker.

Riot Shield

Criteria: Kill 750 Enemies. Tip: The Riot Shield has an “easier” Obsidian challenge, although it may be tougher to score two Riot Shield hits in succession to take down an enemy. Try using Smoke Grenades or other tactical equipment to close the gap between you and the enemy.


Criteria: Kill 15 enemies in a match 100 times. Tip: If you are having trouble getting a full kill with a handgun, try taking an enemy’s health to near-death, then switch to your pistol to finish them off. Or, if you are good at landing headshots, pistols have great headshot damage multipliers, so go for accuracy rather than speed. Stopping Power Rounds is a Field Upgrade worth considering when chasing this objective.


Criteria: Destroy a vehicle or Killstreak 100 times. Tip: This challenge is dependent on your opponents, making this a challenge you’ll want to do while chasing Obsidian for other weapons. Playing Ground War increases your chances for progressing, as your squad is guaranteed to deal with vehicles on top of potential enemy Killstreaks.


Criteria: Kill 5 enemies in a match 150 times. Tip: Separate to other launchers, the RPG-7 challenges required direct kills rather than blowing up enemy technology. Try using Amped for faster RPG-7 reloads, or Shrapnel to make damage from it delay enemy health regeneration.

Combat Knife

Criteria: Kill 10 enemies in a match 125 times. Tip: Both the Dead Silence Field Upgrade, and the perks - Ghost and Tracker are all excellent choices for sneaking behind enemy lines and getting Combat Knife kills. If all else fails, whip this blade out whenever an enemy gets too close for comfort. Now you know how to unlock Obsidian, there is no time to waste: head to Modern Warfare and prove your true mastery of your favorite weapon… We’ll see you online. Stay frosty.