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How To Acquire ‘Prophetic Visionary’ Emblem

Another emblem you can earn right now, Prophetic Visionary is awarded to those talented enough to complete the Prophecy dungeon by themselves and without dying once. This is easier said than done, as the dungeon is pretty difficult by yourself as there are hordes of Taken who want to reduce you to ash. Plus, you’ll need to complete both boss encounters, survive the Sparrow section, and Cube puzzle. It’s a difficult task, where one wrong move can ruin an entire playthrough. Keep in mind, Prophecy is temporarily going away, so you have a limited window to actually unlock this emblem.

How To Complete The Prophecy Dungeon In Destiny 2

At the end of the pathway are two platforms, one emitting dark energy, and the other light. Five light motes and five dark motes must be gathered in order to make the energy signatures disappear. Defeating a Taken Knight in Destiny 2 spawns three motes, so two of the Knights must be defeated in order to get the necessary amount of motes. Once enough of the motes are gathered head to the appropriate energy signature and press the "fire weapon" action to rid the platform of the energy. While this part of The Prophecy dungeon allows players to respawn, and death will force all gathered emotes to disappear. This procedure will unlock a door leading to another pathway, repeating this part once more. After the second door is unlocked, a pathway leading up out of the tunnels will bring the fire team to the second encounter.

The second encounter is on a small platform, covered in sand and pillars. This is the first boss encounter of Prophecy, so be sure to use a Raid Banner to replenish all ammo and abilities. In the middle of the platform is a Toland-wisp, touch it and the encounter begins. Taken Psions, Knights, and the Taken Cabal Boss will all spawn in the arena. Additionally, two platforms emitting each of the same light and dark energy signals will activate.

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The third encounter of Prophecy begins with the fire team in a desert area full of steep dunes of sand. In the distance, gatherings of light can be seen in the night. Use the Sparrow to drive to them, but be mindful of the invisible Vex Minotaurs. They don't need to be defeated, but they can deal some damage if the team isn't careful.

The fourth encounter of Destiny 2's Prophecy dungeon, takes place in a room with multiple energy-emitting platforms and enemies. It's a fairly straightforward encounter, simply look for the Toland-wisp above any of the energy-emitting platforms. A giant Taken Fallen Captain will be outside of the structure. Follow it through the desert to reach the beginning of the fifth encounter. The fifth encounter of Prophecy has the team travel by foot and Sparrow across a variety of pathways. Follow the stairway inside the final structure of Prophecy to a triangular arena. Place a Raid Banner down to replenish all ammo and abilities, and seek Toland in the middle of the arena. Touching him begins the encounter, spawning Taken Psions, Knights, and three Taken Fallen Captains in each corner of the arena. In front of each Captain is a structure emitting energy. Defeat the Knight to get the need motes, deactivate the energy forcing the Captain out of protection, and defeat the Captain. Defeating all three Captains will activate the purple sand in the middle of the arena. Stand in it as a team to be teleported to the final Boss. The final Boss in Destiny 2's Prophecy dungeon will continue its way down the long row of platforms and must be continuously attacked before it reaches the end. Once the Boss reaches the end of the platform it will teleport out, and the damage phase ends. Damaging the Boss enough will prevent Dark Entropy from increasing. Additionally, one of the final Boss's attacks is a large sphere that teleports anyone who gets caught towards the back of the pathway.

Once the final Boss of Prophecy is defeated, that's it. The group will be teleported to a room where they can claim their final reward. Prophecy offers weapons of The Nine, and these rewards earned through the Destiny 2 dungeon are the only way to acquire them.