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Getting Started in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

Getting Started in CoD: Black Ops Cold War

The fans of Call of Duty were waiting for November very much. A new series called Black Ops Cold War appeared this autumn. It became available on all the Call of Duty Black Ops platforms, and this very fact caused great public attention together with unbelievable media outreach. Many newcomers decided to try their hand in battlefield combats and succeed in the renowned shooter.

Both beginners and middle-level players face new challenges and complicated tasks to cope with. If you are going to play the Cold War, the following beadroll of tips will come in handy certainly. Improve your skillset and become an experienced warrior to impress other gamesmen. The international shooter provides unlimited capabilities for your hero gaming progress. Do not miss your opportunity to turn out to be the best gamer that hit the aims and arrange perfect headshots.

Call of Duty Black Ops Online Game: Where to Start?

It’s better to begin with configurations. The general settings are used to customize your gameplay and assist your progress. It does not matter what gaming platform you prefer to enjoy battlefield fights – PlayStation consoles (PS4, PS3, etc.), Xbox, or a computer. Configure your settings to feel comfortable and train your muscle memory.

Controller Settings

Regulate the sensitivities of your thumbsticks or mouse. The configurations are the same as in the Warzone series, so find the most optimal mode of acting. Try a hand in the custom games to check the sensitivity of controllers first-hand. Your character should move quickly and respond to each button push immediately.

This is the number one CoD rule to remember. Keep on training with bots to understand the speed and maneuverability of your warrior. If you are a newcomer, it’s recommended to set up low sensitivity rates. Each time you realize that your hero moves slowly and you would like to speed him up, come to configurations of controlling devices.

Blur Setup

Turn off the motion blur option to visualize your enemies well. Especially, it’s important for those gamers who prefer aggressive playstyle. Blur motion brings a negative impact of the inner video-effect on the firing performance and distance accuracy of shots.

Make Sound Tweaks

When the enemy is approaching, his footsteps are well-heard. This is one more notable feature of the Cold War series. Regulate the sound to hear noise and react in seconds. Select a good headset to complement your sensitive hearing.

The high-quality garniture allows to avoid essential noises but upgrade the sense of hearing in the gaming process. If you cannot notice the footsteps of the opponent or scuffing sounds of your encounters, change sound settings, and give preference to playing in the headset.

Check In-Game Settings

There’re many options to select, ignore, or switch off. Experiment with in-game setup for your convenience. Regulate frames per second to see more shadows and see through an opponent faster. Or set up a lower visual quality and customize FPS to prevent freezing and another range of detrimental events.

Matchable Weapons and Attachments

Each warrior and sniper needs good armaments. Especially when it comes to participants of Clan Wars Black Ops 3. The TrueCost professional team recommends choosing the most suitable arsenal including weapons, attachments, trackers, and another pack of goodies. How to play Black Ops Cold War without lasers, shotguns, and helpful boosters? It goes without saying – the answer is “Nohow”.


The arsenal should be well-thought and well-managed. The best variants to practice any battlefield mode are the following loadouts:

  • XM4;
  • AK-74.

These are optimal starting-point armaments to take into consideration. Additionally, open the TrueCost catalog of boosters to find out more about excellent attachments. A big selection of weapons together with lasers, shotguns, and other cyber packs.

Shotguns & Lasers

Complement your main weapon slot with powerful shotguns of various specifications. They might become additional helpers in your successful combats. Besides submachine guns and melee arsenal, choose shotguns of Gold, Diamond, Golden Viper Camos. Our pro-gamers will help you to unlock them all at once.

Trackers & Other Equipment

Together with appropriate sound settings, use trackers to hear where are your encounters jumping, running, moving at the present moment. Footsteps would be recognizable without exceptions. Among other equipment units to take into account are:

  • Scorestreaks;
  • Special weapons;
  • Assault rifles;
  • Sniper rifles;
  • Tactical goodies;
  • Pistols;
  • Launchers and boosters.

In-Game Tips for Beginners

If you wonder how to play Call of Duty Black Ops, these recommendations would come in useful. Some experienced players obtain a range of tricks they keep in secret. We are not going to show all the cards, but certain tips are available right now if you are a curious newbie:

Accurate Aiming

Everyone dreams about headshots without missing the target. Be attentive, set up the sensitivity of your controllers, and shoot in the area of jaws. Train your muscle memory to hit all the aims. Try to mention the best position and reactions when you manage to fire accurately. Paddle about quickly because your muscle memory works constantly. Use helpful add-ons to improve the sharpshooting rates as well.


The latest series allow CoD battle participants to update their skillset significantly. Be open to experiments with your character’s activities. Practice jump-shooting, crouch fast, hide, slide, and so on. Use additional skills and measurability to your advantage. Create your own tricks to outrank rivals and get extra scores.

Map Learning

There’re numerous battle arenas to learn. Excellent knowledge of maps guarantees your superiority over the rest of the gamesmen. Information on blind corners and vantage points is essential to succeed in the multiplayer sessions. Remember where the camping spots are located. Find out more about common routes and create your ideal one to hold the top spot! The benefits of map learning are:

  • Score improving capabilities;
  • Pre-sight route availability;
  • New effective locations to hide and fire;
  • Setting sights on the common corners to arrange accurate headshots.

Only-just-begun gamers should avoid crowded areas and populated locations. You will feel more self-confident if you face only a small number of opponents in the battle arena. Traverse the map smartly!

Keep an Eye on Your Mini-Map

Be ready to control all the situations including the main mapping routes, mini-map, and encounters’ movements. Play the objective to get more wins and kills. These locations are at your command almost for each mode. The exception is the Kill Confirmed mode where objective locations are not available. Add extra scores and approach closer to the heavy-ordinance dropping.


Follow the rule of single taping when it comes to distance-shooting. You could count on more scoring points while having a habit of single or burst sharpshooting. Your distance-shouting would become more accurate. One more recommendation for snipers – don’t worry about bullet drops. It’s useless to think of extra noise creation when you are sniping.

Equipment Versatility is of Utmost Importance

Don’t forget about the tactical equipment and lethal units. Think of your time management. When you reload, explore the current location, observe the place in detail, stay prepared, and meet attacks with a raised head. Reposition and equipment versatility are of the utmost importance when you have just started discovering tactics, routes, and forming your own playstyle.

Instigate your enemies to make mistakes. Surprise rivals with extraordinary tactical solutions, having caught opponents in the unusual place. Lucky kills are also a good idea but your experience should be in the first place. Do not risk without necessity.

Take Part in Tournaments

Most competitions are organized specifically for prof gamesmen. Nevertheless, inexperienced players have an opportunity to take part in average tournaments or custom games to try hand and demonstrate their skillset. Be active and the victory is not late in arriving. Remember about bots to exercise. Coach yourself and analyze various gameplay situations.

Upgrade Your Armaments

Rule number two when all the weapons are selected – pick sides with boosting items to upgrade your arsenal. Beginners need additional skins, launchers, boosters to simplify the progress and task completion. It doesn’t mean that you need to order all the accessible boosting services at once. You have to tailor your armaments according to your playstyle.

Most attachments should be unlocked previously. To switch fast from chasing to firing, unlock a special-purpose add-on. Our prof team is at your command if you require CoD unlocks. Sort all our available catalog items and find an appropriate section:

  • Multiplayer Mode – leveling ranks, camos, operator unlocks, K/D boost, etc.
  • Zombies – leveling ranks, arsenal unlocks, camos, etc.
  • Achievements – Nuclear Killer, Nuked Out, Relentless Killer, and so on.

Other categories are accessible as well. Boost your armory toolkit with our squad.

Final Word

Self-perfection is closer than you could imagine. Follow the above-mentioned tips and achieve new heights. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a successful prof cyber-sportsman or a streamer soon. Join TrueCost in social networks and place orders at affordable prices with attractive discounts!