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Everything there is to know about Destiny 2 Season 16.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light arrived on 10 November 2020 and it's safe to say that in the months that followed, and every new season, the story has started to ramp up significantly. This isn't to say Beyond Light was inconsequential, but at no point did the stakes ever feel very high for our guardians.

Already though, The Witch Queen expansion feels big, important and like it's going to have huge implications on the game's storyline in the same way that the Forsaken expansion did with the death of Cayde-6.

Season 15 will likely have a big say in how this action unfolds, but Season 16 could be where everything properly kicks into gear.

With that in mind, here's everything we know so far about Season 16 of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Season 16 Release Date

As noted previously, Destiny 2 seasons have traditionally run for three months apiece, but Bungie has confirmed that Season 16 will launch alongside The Witch Queen.

Previously The Witch Queen was meant to release in 2021, but was delayed until February 22, 2022.

As such, Destiny 2 Season 16 has a confirmed release date of February 22, 2022

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Destiny 2 Season 16 Story

By now we know full well that Savathun is Destiny's next big bad villain and in Season 15 it seems likely that Bungie will be setting up all the necessary parts ahead of the Witch Queen expansion.

But a lot rests on when Season 16 is released. If the plan is for Season 16 to arrive with Witch Queen, then it's going to be a huge season for the games wider story and lore.

Either way, we should expect to see plenty of leaks and rumours throughout Season 15 which give us some clues as to what is coming next.

New Destiny 2 PVP Maps In Season 16

Destiny 2's Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn revealed some time ago that there were no plans for new Crucible maps in Season 15. Sorry PVP fans.

However, plans for new maps coming in Season 16. This looks to come in the form of two reprised Destiny 1 maps.

New Destiny 2 Season 16 Features

Some time ago it was revealed that Bungie was testing destructible environments. We're not sure if this is something coming in Season 15 just yet, but on the off chance that this is a new feature that comes a little too early for Season 15 we can imagine it's a feature coming to Season 16 further down the line.

Destiny 2 Season 16 Price

If you've got the deluxe version of Beyond Light, then you'll have access to all seasons heading into Witch Queen – that's seasons 13, 14 and 15.

However, Witch Queen was delayed and pushed back into 2022, so it's still unknown if Season 16 will arrive before Witch Queen launches, or if Bungie is planning for a longer Season 15 instead.

If It arrives before Witch Queen, Bungie could give it away for free for those who bought the deluxe version of Beyond Light. For anyone who didn't buy the expansion, expect to pay up with yet more silver, for roughly £10.