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Diablo 4 will add fresh content four times a year

Diablo 4 will be released in June and will be supported by developers for a year, the developers will add fresh content four times a year, according to a report from Blizzard.

The Diablo 4 development team provided in a live broadcast and blog post a detailed overview of their plans for the sequel after release, the game will have a paid and free Diablo 4 battle pass, an in-game store and everything that goes with it.

After Diablo 4's release, four seasons will be added to the game, the first of which will be introduced in mid-to-late July. According to the developers Blizzard, each new season will have its own theme of content, and there have been rumors that the first season will be dedicated to zombies, but the developers have denied this information. The theme of the first season will be known at the time of the season's release.

Each season will have its own unique chain of quests, as well as the game will be introduced new mechanics and characters, new tasks will introduce players to the new characters and mechanics of the game, the tasks will be available immediately after the completion of the main campaign. With the new seasons will be added new unique items and abilities, and after the season will be added to the "Eternal Realm", such jargon Blizzard gave the name for the usual basic game.

In Diablo 4's season pass, which the developers have dubbed Season Journey, Blizzard compares this way to the Polaris in the sky. It will teach players what to do to quickly pump up their battle pass, which will include completing various tasks and completing chapter components. After completing a chapter you will be given unique rewards, crafting materials, and legendary aspects for your power codex. Completing combat tasks will also reward you with favors, an in-game resource that you can also earn by completing quests and killing monsters in the main campaign. You can use it to level up in a battle pass.

The battle pass will be broken down into three levels: an unpaid track, a premium track for $10, and an accelerated track for $25. The most expensive track will include: a premium track, special cosmetics, and 20 levels of the pass.

The pass also has 27 free levels in which you can earn in-game currency. You don't have to pay to win in the game, ashes and blessings are only available in the free battle pass levels, so players don't have to pay, all players are on the same terms. Paid content only gives you unique cosmetic season pass items, the pass will also give you platinum currency, which can also be purchased for donation, but you can only buy cosmetic items from our in-game store with it.

In our store you can buy for real money or in-game currency to buy items, items in the store do not affect the gameplay and are only cosmetics for the self-expression of Diablo 4 players. The store will be regularly updated and updated with new items, before buying items players can examine it in detail, it's done in order to the player does not feel cheated after purchase. In Diablo Immortal received a lot of criticism from the players for in-game store, in Diablo 4 developers excluded the mistakes of the previous project and removed the controversial game solutions. In general, the new game will be an excellent game-service with a AAA project price tag with live-action service.

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