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Destiny 2’s Newest Exotic

The new season of the legendary game Destiny 2 from Bungie has many updated elements. Gamers were impressed by the new exotic boots that make it easier to farm lost sectors. Such an outfit upgrade turned out to be quite powerful to radically change all the rules of this game. Some of them have a unique secret that you will discover as you travel across locations.

Exotic Boots and Their Features

Any changes to Destiny 2 weapon slots are a real event for avid players, but improving the outfit gives them more options in the gameplay. Especially the improved season pleased, there are three types of cool boots that upgrade your hero giving him a special advantage over the enemy:

  • Star-Eater Scales (Hunter)

If you have already tried the last season of the game, then this outfit will seem familiar to you. Many gamers have found an affinity to the Titan Curiass Thundercrash. In the beginning, they give a powerful charge and make you super-fast, but if you add 4 more orbs, your hero will become super accelerated. Now he can stack up the buff and steeply increase the opponent's damage. Blade Barrage damage increased by 60%. Many players were interested in such innovation and not a new interesting weapon, they are even willing to trade Stompees for these boots. Their next ability is to increase damage for the tether enemy debuff to an extraordinary 140%.

  • The Way of Burning Steps (Titan)

The new Season of the Splicer is not only augmented variations of Destiny game weapons, something unique has appeared here. Boots make the process of slowing and freezing more difficult, they will also increase weapon damage, but only on solar final strikes. Of course, this update is only intended for use Arc for the light subclass (not in darkness), but your hero can equip them on Behemoth Titan. It is important to use solar energy armaments here. You also need to receive Stasis, although some players say it gets in the way a little but that's not a big problem.

  • Boots of the Assembler (Warlock)

Undoubtedly, such an innovation is one of the coolest in new Destiny 2 exotic kinetic weapons. It allows your hero to close the gap and perform shooting with rounds of a search. It can give your allies a damage buff or instantly heal them. It depends on your rift, but it makes your character a better support class. It will be better to use it with the Well of Radiance tree. Another cool thing from this new outfit is the hidden power-up of Lumina's hand cannon. Use such armament and rift to make your team's support even better. More buffs and more healing. Another tip: combine it with wells because of the middle tree synergy (look at the situation; choose it for PvP or PvE).

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Other Exotic Weapons

This season, players won't be surprised by the simple innovations. A perk like Destiny 2 Osmosis, which turned your pistol from kinetic to energy, is no longer cool enough for experienced gamers. The new version of the game has amazing things to offer to provide you with exciting and exhilarating gameplay.

  • Vex Mythoclast. Such rifle was really thermonuclear. To get this, you had to pick up the rifle from the place where it drops out (from Atheon at the end of Vault of Glass). She returned in a new form with two upgrades: Timeless Mythoclast and Temporal Unlimiter. The first is one shot with one trigger pull. Now, this version is not fully automatic like its type in previous games. The second perk of the rifle is to switch modes after a full reload (hold the trigger and reload button).

  • Cryosthesia 77K. The weapon is available to players with a Season Pass. If your hero does not have this, then you need to reach level 35 to unlock. Not only can a kinetic weapon be overwhelming, this energy pistol has 2 exotic features. The first is the LN2 Burst armament with an adjustable trigger. The second is a cool perk with the ability to liquid cool your opponent. It is automatically activated when a gamer takes a killing blow in simple firing mode.

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