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Destiny 2: New Season of the Hunt Mission is Now Live

Welcome to the latest Destiny 2 season of the Hunt Mission. It is the 12 season of Destiny 2 and the first periodical content in Beyond Light. Unknown journeys, unique artifacts, exotic equipment, and other surprises are waiting for you. Here is everything you need to know about this live adventure. While gamers are still participating, we make a review and answer when does the new season start in Destiny 2.


The Solar System has fallen into chaos and destruction. Whole planets disappeared. Right in the middle of it — Zivu Arath, a War God of the Hive. You might remember such a mysterious character from The Draw quest Destiny 2 in Black Armory. She is going to seize power, while everyone else is too weak to resist. Osiris needs help with studying a frightening unknown threat, and he is in deadly danger. Meet Crow — a new, but still familiar ally. He gives you a hand in defeating an enemy.

Main Tasks

The Hive Sanctuaries appear across the Solar System. Destiny 2 story quest begins, and the Spider wants to strike a deal with you. You have to create a stronger cryptolite bait to hunt the Goddess’ henchmen. It can be upgraded with modifications and information you provide to the Crow. Together, you’ll trap and beat Wrathborns to finally fight a High Celebrant and Zivu Arath herself.

Added Items

There is a huge list of objects to get only now. Some of them are open and some are accessible only with a Destiny 2 new season pass. Check the description below! The first notable armament is a Duality shotgun. It allows both targeted and hip shooting. A catalyst turns it into the Absolut. With multiple kills, it creates spheres and also has a hits counter. Here are other guns worth of attention:

  • Astral Horizon;

  • Caster (an adept);

  • The Sun Eye - a sniper rifle.

Moreover, a few ships and armor were added. An original period artifact is a Fang of Zivu Arath. Every time you raise its level your power grows. That lets you work out a unique style of playing.

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Destiny 2 Hawkmoon quest is the most special mission of winter. It is a silver-plated revolver that appeared before only once in the first part of the game. It was available as an exclusive item on PlayStation 3/4. Now it is back as an extrinsic artifact at a «Stab the Enemy» errand. It’s benefits are:

  • Accurate Ballistics;

  • A random bullet in a store gives a significant bonus to the damage;

  • Improved range and accuracy of fire;

  • Faster extraction and recharging.

Unlike other exotic weapons, it has random feathers. You can get it before the Destiny 2 next season start. Go try it!

Premium Rewards

The story gives players the ability to claim Bungie rewards. You may unlock a stamp and grimuar, and also order a copy of Hawkmoon. There is a short-time offer: buying a silver set. You get 1000 silver (+ 700 extra) and a legendary gesture «My poor friend». Besides general rewards, there are premium examples that are inaccessible to achieve on a version of Destiny 2 without a season pass. Check the full list on an official Bungie website.


Extra abilities provide players a better game experience with a wide range of special events, access to unusual equipment, and extra duties. Here is the short-list of benefits:

  • For premium players, the Duality shotgun is already available from the start;

  • Revolver errand;

  • Unique adventure «Searching the Wrathborns»;

  • Bonus points.

Festival of the Dawn and a Steel banner are accessible to all gamers. Users were asking developers how to get a Destiny 2 season pass for free. Here is why Bungie is now reducing prices and releasing offers. On the last one, players with a Destiny 2 season pass of the last year got an open trial to the Forsaken journey. It would possibly be repeated with missions of the following years. To get such a chance, go check the Destiny 2 season pass calendar and know the correct dates of every occasion.

Changes and Requirements

Some things have changed in the gaming process and a performing order. And, as usual, there are terms of participating to follow. Read them below.

  • Tasks are obtained only with access to the Moon and Frozy Shores. You can open these locations by performing introductory story assignments at «Houses of Shadows» and «Rejected», which are pay-free.

  • You need a Destiny 2 season pass to buy the Crow’s contracts and to develop the bait.

  • To enter a mission, your power points should be more than 1050.

  • Beginning with this plot, the life cycle of the new legendary armor and weapons lasts one year. During 4 events, armor and weapons are advanced to the maximum level by fusion.

  • You have to damage the final boss, another way Wrathborns Hunt won’t be ratified.

  • After the end of the arrangement, some wins could be removed, and further awards and themes of the next stories are going to replace them.

The Calendar

The quest is available from November 10th until February 9th. The results of the previous week’s trials are being zeroed next week on Destiny 2. And when does the next season of Destiny 2 start? Usually, the subsequent DLC is released the day after the previous completion. Firstly, Immortality was finished on the 10th of December, and the following plot was released on the same day. Accurate dates will be told soon, let’s wait a little bit and finish the previous episode!


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