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Call of Duty Season 3

Combat Pass is the third season of Modern Warfare II and Warzone 2.0.

Like the previous seasons of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, the Combat Pass is in the form of a combat map, which is divided into sections from C0 to C20. There are 100 unique rewards available in the new pass for both free and premium users. Users who purchased the combat pass will immediately have access to rewards for operators Valeria Garza and Alejandro Vargas, who participated in Modern Warfare 2.

New weapons have been added to the game, they will become available when unlocked in the free sectors of the combat pass. Sector C4 will unlock the Intervention sniper rifle, which has been renamed the FJX Imperium sniper rifle, a high-damage weapon that became popular in the original MWII in 2009. In the sector C11 will be unlocked combat rifle Cronen Squall, the game developers describe this new weapon as semi-automatic rifle, designed for long-range combat.

Also available are premium level operator skins for Farah and Ghost. The Farah skin will open in sector C10, and the Ghost skin will open in sector C20. As in previous seasons, completing all combat pass sectors will unlock an additional sector with a unique set of rewards. This is a set of five rewards that includes CoD MWII points, two weapon blueprints, and an additional skin for Valeria and Alejandro.

The new battle pass also introduces automatic path selection, designed to allow those who don't mind earning first to automatically make their way through various sectors. Players can also choose their own path to open sectors, just like in previous seasons.

Also in season 3 there is a premium combat pass package called BlackCell. The standard pass option will still be available for 1100 Call of Duty game currency, additional rewards in the BlackCell pass will be available for 7000 game currency, it will include the standard pass as well as 1100 CoD points, new sectors will give access to unique season rewards:

  • Access to a full combat pass for season 03 and a 20 level pass (25 on PlayStation).

  • Instant accrual of 1,100 COD points.

  • Up to 1,400 COD points awarded throughout the combat pass.

  • BlackCell operator in an impressive animated camouflage skin.

  • Professionally customized weapon blueprint, vehicle appearance and final reception.

  • The BlackCell exclusive sector in the AO Battle Pass serves as an alternate starting location.

  • Immediate unlocking of adjacent sectors of the Battle Pass to the BlackCell sector.

  • Additional BlackCell-only Battle Pass content: each sector of the 03 season Battle Pass with an operator skin has a BlackCell variant (12 skins total) that must be unlocked.

Also in honor of the holiday, there are unique Easter-themed rewards that will allow you to try on the role of the Easter bunny. The Hopping Mad set includes Mr. Hops and Mr. Hips rabbit looks. Hops and Mr. Hips, as well as several additional holiday-themed items.

Change in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.

A new Massive Resurgence mode, allowing players to fight on the Al Mazra map with up to 150 people in squads of different sizes. Also in the middle of the season will return a mode from the original Warzone, Robbery mode - a mode where players have to collect cash, the team with the most money wins.

Warzone Ranked is a competitive mode announced for Battle Royale. It will appear later this season, the players will have to compete in a team of three.

In the mode DMZ for MWII added bundle, which gives gameplay advantage - fans write that the game was turned into a "pay-to-win. Before that, the bundles only included cosmetics.

With the launch of Warzone 2.0, a new mechanic was added to the DMZ mode with active slots - they allow you to save operatives with their equipment. By default only three slots are available to players, but if you wish, you can buy a special bundle that gives you one extra slot.

Players found that in addition to the slot, the bundle includes an operative who always shows up at the DMZ with an enlarged backpack. In addition, the bundle includes a blueprint for a machine gun, which unlocks in just 15 minutes if you die, although you usually have to wait at least an hour or more to reopen an insured weapon.

Datamainer found out that the upcoming bundles will give much more gameplay advantages in the DMZ - for example, operatives will be able to appear in each round with a drone, protective plates or a syringe to revive.

These are the first such bundles in Modern Warfare II, giving a real gameplay advantage in combat. Players massively criticized this decision, calling the new mechanics "pay-to-win".

On the subreddit Warzone in the top post, where the author "thanked" the developers that such innovations they helped him to get rid of the addiction Warzone and concentrate on other games.

About the situation spoke out and the major bloggers. Westie urged the developers of DMZ to pay attention to the problem, stressing that such "pay-to-win" mechanics greatly harm the integrity of the game.

A "pay-to-win" bundle was added to the game for DMZ that opens up a fourth slot for an operative - with a permanent medium-sized backpack and a weapon blueprint with a reduced 15-minute rollback. This is wrong and out of place in the first place.

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