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Chosen title guide (How to unlock)

Destiny 2: Chosen title guide (How to unlock)

Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen has introduced an array of new guns, perks, and new armor mods for Guardians to chase. Farming for the best rolls on items can take an eternity, so why not mix up that grind by chasing a title? Season 13's Chosen title is one of the easiest titles to earn in Destiny 2. Players will have to unlock every Hammer of Proving upgrade, partake in quite a few Battlegrounds, then complete the Presage mission to earn this seasonal title. It's an easy grind for casual players, albeit heavily time-gated due to a few Triumph requirements. Here is a complete guide on earning Destiny 2's Chosen title.

Path Of The Chosen

Path of the Chosen requires Guardians to complete the "Challenger's Proving" quest chain that evolves weekly. These quests can be found at the H.E.L.M. and ask players to complete Battleground matches or miscellaneous objectives. There are seven versions of this quest in total, and they must be completed in sequence. Since seasons don't leave the game until a year has passed, you have more than enough time to get this finished. Swing by the H.E.L.M. to pick up the first six quests. The seventh "Challenger's Proving" quest is obtained from Zavala in the Tower once the first six quests are completed.

Vendor Upgrades

By vendor upgrades, this Triumph is referring to the Hammer of Proving's enhancements. There are 21 enhancements in total. Enhancements are unlocked by completing Seasonal Challenges that grant War Table Reputation. Turn in the War Table Reputation to the War Table at the H.E.L.M. to unlock these enhancements. Seasonal Challenges from weeks one through seven grant three upgrades per weekly set. For information regarding Seasonal Challenges, consult our complete guide on Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion and Season of the Chosen. If you care about which upgrades to unlock first, check out this guide.

Extreme Focus

You only need to create one Tier three Umbral Engram to complete this Triumph. To focus Umbral Engrams, interact with the Prismatic Recaster at the H.E.L.M. Any option from the bottom row in the Prismatic Recaster will count.

Chosen Mods

The H.E.L.M.'s War Table will sell two Season of the Chosen mods each week. There are six mods in total you must obtain, each of them costing three Mod Components. Each mod ties into the new Elemental Well mechanic, something we cover in great detail in this guide. They rotate on a set rotation, so it will only take three weeks to obtain all of them.

All Battleground Missions

There are four Battleground missions in Season of the Chosen. You must complete the following Battlegrounds to earn this Triumph:

  • Battleground: Behemoth – Takes place on Nessus, tasking players with defeating a boss outside of the Cabal tank fortress.

  • Battleground: Hailstone – Takes place on Europa.

  • Battleground: Foothold – Takes place on the Cosmodrome.

  • Battleground: Oracle – Takes place on Nessus, tasking players with defeating a Psion boss underground.

Only one completion is necessary from each Battleground to complete this Triumph. Completions can be from either the Battleground playlist or the specific mission.

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Defeat Champions In The Battlegrounds Playlist

Four Champions must be defeated in the Battlegrounds playlist to complete this Triumph. Note that this specifies the playlist; queueing for a specific Battleground will launch a variant without Champions or additional modifiers. Use finishers on weakened Champions to ensure that you strike the final blow. This shouldn't take more than two games to complete.

Eliminate Caiatl's Cabal

Proving Grounds is a strike on Nessus where Guardians are sent to eliminate Caiatl's chosen. This Triumph tasks you with eliminating ten Cabal VIPs that inhabit the mission, the last VIP being the final boss. All VIPs are named minibosses with a yellow health bar. They're fairly weak, so be sure to damage them before a teammate accidentally one-shots the VIP. Here are the ten VIPs you must eliminate:

  • Optus Taxaat

  • Optus Vocca

  • Val Cempas

  • Val Vinca'ar

  • Val Kladior

  • Val Cunqu'us

  • Val Veorthus

  • Val Trekitus

  • Valus Ozysas

  • Ignovun

Proving Grounds VIP Spawn Locations

VIPs will always spawn in certain encounters in the Proving Grounds strike, but some encounters will spawn a random VIP target from a small pool. In laymen's terms, you'll need to replay this strike multiple times to get this Triumph done. This isn't much of a hassle considering one of week seven's Seasonal Challenges requires you to beat this strike three times. VIP Spawns

  • Tank ramp opening encounter: Valus Ozysas

  • Vehicle bay (Two VIPs spawn): Optus Taxaat, Val Kladior, Val Cunqu'us, Val Trekitus

  • Undercarriage (Power Core One): Val Cempas, Val Vinca'ar

  • Undercarriage (Power Core Two): Val Veorthus, Optus Vocca

  • Final Boss: Ignovun

Graven Tales

Dead Man's Tale is an Exotic Scout Rifle that is obtained from the Exotic Presage mission. To start it, launch The Arm's Dealer strike in the EDZ. After defeating the first group of Cabal, run through the door they were guarding to reach a landing platform outside. Enter a shipping container at the furthest platform to find a datapad. Give the datapad to Zavala at the Tower to unlock the Presage mission. Completing the mission will grant the gun. For an in-depth guide on how to complete the Presage mission, check out our comprehensive guide detailing every encounter and collectible location.

All The Scattered Pieces

Presage has three sets of scannable collectibles that players can find. Unlike Harbinger and past Exotic missions, these collectibles are tied to your account progress, meaning you'll need to find every collectible tied to the first set before the second set spawns on the weekly reset. There are 15 collectibles in total. You must complete the Presage mission at least once before you can start scanning each collectible. We have a guide that covers where to find each collectible that you can read here. If you haven't played the Presage mission much, we have a complete guide that covers the mission from start to finish.

Salvager's Salvo Armament

Salvager's Salvo is Season 13's Ritual weapon, this time taking the form of a Breech-Loaded Grenade Launcher. Speak to Banshee-44 at the Tower to pick up the "Messy Business" quest. The quest itself requires a ludicrous number of activity completions and kills, something that you can speed up by completing harder activities and using Grenade Launchers, respectively.