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Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 - Reborn

Here we are waiting for Call of Duty: Warzone returns in the first season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. Having become the first in the genre of Battle Royale and having conquered millions of players across the planet with its innovative gameplay, it gets its sequel and takes the name Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Taking the best from the first part, the game adds improved mechanics and gameplay elements in order to give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the unforgettable world of the game. With the extensive new Al-Mazrah. map, filled with a variety of terrain and vehicle variations, Warzone 2.0 offers a new and completely unique experience than before. The strategies and game variants will become even more diverse and unique, every battle in the game will be unique, and the new game mechanics will expose the player to new and completely different emotions.Warzone 2.0 will take players to the new Al-Mazrah game map. This is by far the largest map in the game series, its exploration of the combat zone is taken to a new level. You are free to move in any direction and travel through desolate wastelands, cities, swamps, and everything in sight. How and where you move depends on you, because there are more than a dozen vehicles available in the game, both land, air and water.

As in Modern Warfare II, you have a new kind of water combat, for which the game added water transport, and the character can move both in water and on water. Now your character is able to shoot directly from under the water, do not forget about it when you will play. Vehicles now need to refuel and repair, it changes and makes the game even more realistic. Another important change in Warzone 2.0 is how you find items in the map of Al Mazrah. Equipment is now more logically and realistically tied to its spawn points. For example, stimulants and medical equipment are stored in the bathrooms in the first aid kits, while upgraded weapons and other important equipment will be found in military bases and armories. This new philosophy of resolving loot in Warzone 2.0 will be the same for all loot, forcing the player to search for specific areas to gather the necessary supplies to win. The dynamic circle shrinking system is another innovation to the game, it allows you to face even more players on the map and make the gameplay more dynamic. This innovation randomly shifts the blade-less zones instead of always being one circle. Gulag has changed significantly, now its main rule is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Instead of fighting alone as before in Warzone, you will be paired with the enemy in teams. You will fight side by side with the other team, and that's not all, you can return to the new map in a different way. You will have to go to another goal in Gulag, namely you have to defeat the AI fighter known as Jailer, who has the key to your escape.

What does Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 offer you?

The new installment in the Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 series expands the story and universe of Modern Warfare II and takes the best of the famous series of games to showcase the new and seamless Battle Royale, experience new emotions and unique gameplay on the new Al-Mazrah map. The new map incorporates the best of Verdansk and Caldera. Compete and win in the vastness of Al-Mazrah, use more than 30 unique weapons and 10 different types of military equipment for your victories. Fight in the air, on land or on water - the uniqueness of each battle will not leave any player indifferent to the new Warzone 2.0. Land on a huge game map with other players, which can be up to 150 people in a match, you will always find something to occupy himself and the whole team, for the first time on the map will be the AI fighters that will not let the players get bored while exploring the map and its vast territories

What does the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 map offer?

Al-Mazrah includes everything we've come to love about Verdansk and Caldera with its elaborate locations and multi-level cities and military bases. Explore its vast territories from mountains to vast swamps, from large cities to small settlements, from airports to water ports, all in the new Warzone 2.0. Compete on land, sea and air, as the surrounding world has become even larger and more interesting, including rivers, lakes, parts of the ocean and other wetlands. Choose your favorite landing point and start the battle at your convenience, take full advantage of the multi-level locations where each battle is unique.

How has the Gulag changed in the new Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0?

Gulag has changed beyond recognition, now to win you will have to fight side by side with your partner in 2x2 mode in a multi-level arena it will give a new experience of the game because now your partner can be your rival in the game, you need to defeat enemies before returning to the main map and continue to compete with other teams and win. If you wish, you can add an AI fighter known as the Jailer to your Gulag fight, pick up his key to open the door and escape from the Gulag.

How has gameplay changed in the new Warzone 2.0?

In the new Battle Royale on the map Al Mazrah you will be fighting against the same players as you, who will try every way to take your victory, but you will not only have teams of other players, but also AI fighters who guard their territories and weapons, and if you decide to engage in a firefight with them, do not expect them to surrender easily. You are waiting for a new system of narrowing of territories on the map, now near the end of the game on the map will appear three playing safe rings, which eventually will close in a single circle, it allows players to play more actively and add dynamics and uniqueness to the gameplay. New modes of transport will also add new variations of movement on the map, fight in the water, on the water, on the ground and even in the air. Move around the map on fast and light vehicles, or sit behind the wheel of a heavy armored car, fly agile and fast helicopter or pilot a heavy and massive helicopter with passengers on board, now you can swim in the water and shoot from under it surprise your opponents and prove that you are the best on the map. We guarantee that your gaming experience will be unique, as well as every battle in this game, now you need much more effort and determination to win. For the most tenacious and determined players, the game can open up not only the modules on the weapons and configure it to your desired gameplay, but you can also open up for the fulfillment of the Challenge open up unique camouflage for your character!

What to expect in the future?

In the future, the map will be improved and finalized and balance the location, also will add new mechanics, weapons and vehicles on the map, add interesting events and story additions with new characters. Over time, the game will be brought to a perfect state and it will become a hit for many years, we will see the best game in the genre of Royal Battle.