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Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update Adds New Maps & Modes

A new mid-season Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War update has brought on new maps for game modes, patches for others and more.

The new mid-season update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be arriving soon, adding much-needed updates to some of the game modes that have become popular within the first month of season one. While the season has been live since December 16, there have been multiple issues that have arisen, both with the season and the game in general.

Since the launch of the first season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, players have complained about certain instances of gameplay which they claim have made it unplayable. For example, a gun under the name DMR has been deemed extremely overpowered, and because everyone uses it, it ruins the meta and makes the game less fun for all. While that gun - along with the Mac-10 - have received minor nerfs, this new update will also provide new additions to the game, as well as patches to certain game mods.

Battle Royale Mode

Earlier we also saw some updates for Warzone as well, mostly tweaking weapons and attachments. Rumors have been suggesting Cold War might be looking at its own Battle Royale game mode as well, citing the addition of Sanatorium as a possible in-game location on an expanded map.

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New map "Sanatorium"

Treyarch has recently confirmed that the new update is going to go live on Thursday, January 14, and will add new maps and modes to both the game's multiplayer and zombies modes. During a patch note, Treyarch confirmed that a new map, titled "Sanatorium" will be coming to the Fireteam mode, a 6 v 6 battle where players have to fight for the usage of nuclear codes. Along with that new map, there have been tweaks and patches to the Cranked mode on Zombies to make it more polished. As for the PlayStation exclusive mode, Onslaught, the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map, Raid, will be added, along with new Dark Aether intel for players to pick up and keep track of while they are fighting the hordes of zombies.

New maps for these modes have definitely been needed, considering the relatively slim amount that is currently available for multiplayer modes. For maps such as these, like zombies, there are certain load-outs that are much more useful than just the regular ones that players might use for Call of Duty: Warzone and the multiplayer modes. And with a new map finally being added (even if just for PlayStation), it will surely bring players back into the realm of zombies or Fireteam Dirty Bomb once more.

Zombies Mode

For Zombies fans, the new Cranked mode which was previously announced will play similar to the game mode seen in multiplayer. Players must continually defeat zombies to stay alive against a constantly depleting timer. PlayStation players will also receive an exclusive new Zombie Onslaught map known as Raid.

One can only hope that with this new update to the season, there will be a reduction of glitches. Back when the season first started, an invisibility glitch ran wild across the game, allowing players to get easy wins. Luckily that has since been looked at and patched, but it's better to remain cautiously optimistic than expect everything to run smoothly.