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Actually Weapon Tier List

Apex Legends – Actually Weapon Tier List

Today there are numerous variants to spend time greatly. Computer games bring much pleasure and even cause cyber-addiction sometimes. Shooter fans can’t help themselves and spend hours, days, and weeks in front of their PC screen trying to complete new battle royal missions. Apex Legends is one of the most top-ranking multiplayer video-game for gamers of any age.

The notable feature of this popular shooter is its regularly-updated list of seasons. Each three months Apex-Legends fans have an opportunity to plunge into the world of new adventures, explore playable characters, weapon and armament entries, and cope with interesting bur rather puzzling tasks.

Available Seasons and Their Time-Limited Battle Passes

Let’s start with the detailed guide on the released gameplay options in line with the performed series. The first season called Wild Frontier was presented in March 2019 and soon became very popular due to its hot-topic hero Octane. The range of gameplay capabilities was also added with just-launched Apex Legends weapons with cosmetic items. The special zones named hitboxes came here as well.

Besides the pioneer season, which attracted millions of willing cyber warriors, there are other six seasoned parts to take into consideration. By the way, each new themed session is released every three months:

  • Battle Charge – its launch took place in June 2019. The island design was changed and new playable locations appeared on the map. The second series brought newly-done ranked mode and improved arsenal.

  • Meltdown – the third gameplay session lasts till February of the ongoing year. The Crypto legend with exciting combat pass took place. Volcanic and frozen landscapes made an appearance there.

  • Assimilation – the legendary Revenant with changed e-gaming environment and the rest perks as the Master tier rose to view.

  • Fortune’s Favor – teleportation abilities, PvE missions, destroyed Skull Town, and the rest of the events are all about that Apex-based chapter.

  • Boosted – the sixth-season adventures brought the best Apex weapons like Titanfall 2 and Volt SMG. More details will be provided below. One more thing to remember – developers reserved only golden armor when it comes to Apex-based combats.

  • Ascension – the freshest Horizon legend pleases with a new-branded map and directions to follow. To pass the Olympus chart, use the best Apex Legends guns from our below-formed tier list.

Even the expert and the most experienced players noticed that all the peculiarities and updates of the energy-ammo powerhouses and other arsenal appeared in the sixth season. That is why our task to pay focused attention to package improvements, battlefield upgrades, and armament variations which come in handy in each tier-based session.

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Apex Legends Gun Tier List

There are several tiers to take into account while initiating armor-check and reviewing the best weapons in Apex. Starting with the S-tier, we will move closer to C, D, A, and other ones.


Our squad decided to highlight four arsenal positions at once. The S-tier top-list looks like the following way:

  • The Devotion heavy machinegun – its specifications allow the enemy damage up to 16. The recoil characteristics are improved. According to the Devotion (or Devo as pro-gamers prefer to call this machinegun) characteristics, it demonstrates 255-point monster damage per second. Try it to prove or disprove the above-mentioned statement. Devo is rather rare because it is found out on the map. But it is worth calling one of the best guns in Apex.

  • The Peacekeeper shotgun – a powerful gaming equalizer which could score up to 165 points of damage with a single headshot. The TrueCost pro-team considers Peacekeeper as a must-have shooting model if you aim to speed up your profile progress and aspire to successful achievements.

  • The R-99 submachine model – the renowned SMG unit with a 32-shot clip dedicated to risk-free fights. The bullet management speed is impressive that makes SMG a must-pick submachine entry with the hottest charge-reloading performance.

  • The Kraber sniper – our professional teammates are sure that it is top ironmongery among all the Apex Legends ranked guns. You need it to feel comfortable on either battlefield and dish out headshots easily and fast. The bolt-action Kraber sniper is a real thing to kill the opponents without exceptions and receive the highest rating ever.


Three types of war-time arms deserve your attention when it comes to the A-Tier Apex Legends list:

  • The Mastiff shotgun – the cross-functional unit for your fights because it guarantees more than 150 damage-points for each shot and about 100 points in place to the chest-aimed hit with Mastiff of your enemy. If you are searching for the best weapons in Apex Legends, take a closer look at the Mastiff shotgun.

  • The Volt energy-gun – the submachine item your profile arsenal needs. Fire opponents and destroy monsters in seconds. It is a good choice to reckon on a rating upgrade because Volt is an embodiment of terror in all-tier Apex-based combats.

  • Wingman – the heavy pistol you have always dreamt about. It obtains an awesome sheer power, compact size, high-score provision with each shot. If you have found it in the boosting catalog, select the above-offered assortment position, and get wonderful battlefield satisfaction!


The largest selection of the best guns in Apex Legends. It contains nine notable ironmongery especially figured on willing warriors:

  • R-301 Carbine – the hot-topic light-assault rifle. It became a bestselling equalizer for exciting duels and conversion from light ammo into the true energy source.

  • Eva-8 Auto – the top-listed shotgun to make your gameplay character into a real killing machine. Its fast-firing options impress even the most exacting pro-gamer. Enjoy recoil-heavy light rifles produced by the Eva-8 item!

  • The Prowier SMG – the full-auto Apex weapon from our tier list. Its significant feature is powerful recoil control. You might hit twice and get more damage-points at once. Down your rivals in a moment with Prowier.

  • Hemlok – in comparison with R-301, it is a heavy-assault rifle with full-auto functions. You may opt for two modes of action. Hemlok provides both single shots and three-time shots as well.

  • VK-47 Flatline – a similar armament as Hemlok. But the range of its options is rather wider. An excellent example — shooters can count on the burst-rifle and a powerful barrel stabilizer. The auto-fire mode makes it possible to receive additional damage-points without any problems.

  • Havoc – the energy unit you are searching for to complement your arsenal-based pack. It looks like the nerf but contains much more goodies: auto-win capabilities, uber-power features, energy-ammo options, etc.

  • G7 Scout – the light-assault rifle with helpful add-ons for your progress. It has ammo supplies and a double-tap setting with fast operation provision. The hop-up addition makes G7 a leading position among boosters and war-time arms ever.

  • Alternator – the light-weight SMG with enormous magazine size. The number of slots is increased according to your level (up to 27 slots for the third level). Your shooting speed should be contributed to a certain purchase.

  • Longbow DMR – pro-teams often compare it with Kraber. Nevertheless, Longbow is a prof sniper accessory together with other goodies and shields. If you make a specialty out of gameplay sniper-based activities, it’s a solution.


The TrueCost gamesmen cannot leave without attention the following rifle-styled firers and light-weight C-Tier pistols:

  • RE-45 – your unbelievable light pistol to conquer anyone in the virtual environment. Mid-May buffs produce unreal bullet damage and boost the statistics in times. Use RE-45 every time you aspire to improve your mid-game stats.

  • Triple Take – a sniper-rifle item to complement the warrior’s arsenal right now. Receive up to 3 extra bolts to land from 50-60 accessible with the help of Triple Take.

  • L-Star – the LMG model which is well-known right after the fourth Apex-originated series. Your fast-firing capabilities might be improved together with energy stocks.

  • M600 Spitfire – the legendary heavy machinegun received its rating in the 3rd season and significantly transformed in the 5th chapter of the reputable battle-royale shooter. Stay pleased with the giant magazine and steady fire line against foemen.

  • Sentinel & Charge-Rifle – we have combined these two sniper-rifle equalizers together. The 1st firer delivers 105-140 damage with headshots and 70 damage-points with any body-aimed hits. The 2nd firer is considered an old-fashioned two-handed piece. At the same time, a Change-Rifle model is an average firer with a long-range function set to use.


This selection includes only low-tier models. They could become only your supplementary armament:

  • P2020 – select it as a supplementary firer because P2020 is rather weak in comparison with other arsenal-based items. The pistol would provide some damage-points only to unshielded hostile entities.

  • Mozambique – a low-tier shotgun you should choose only as an additional fighting tool. Mozambique might deliver about 240 scoring points in case your counterpart is unarmored.

If you adore Apex-based wild rides but have faced some difficulties on your way to success, we are ready to assist you with task accomplishment and leveling. Find in the TrueCost catalog various boosters and goodies suitable for your progress. The available goods are divided into three groups from the perspective of better navigation:

  • Seasonal;

  • Kills & wins;

  • Achievements & badges.

Additionally, the TrueCost prof gamesmen offer coaching services and supervision of your account. Join the dream-team and play together with experienced and skillful soldiers. E-gaming satisfactions starts with us! Simplify temporary and routine missions having purchased any position of your interest.