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Outrider 1-30 Leveling

Expedition Challenge Completion

Expedition Challenge Tier Unlock

Full Campaign Completion

World Tier Unlock 1-15

Eye of the Storm Expedition Completion

Legendary Items Farming

Tier 15 Gold Expedition Completion

Technomancer Pestilence Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Trickster Assasin Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Pyromancer Ash Breaker Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Seismic Devastator Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Technomancer Legendary Armor Set

Trickster Legendary Armor Set

Pyromancer Legendary Armor Set

Devastator Legendary Armor Set

Drop Pod Resources Farming

Earthborn Renegade's God Roll Farm

Outrider 30-50 Gearscore Boost

Deathshield Legendary Shotgun Guaranteed

Titanium Farming

Backstabbing Trickster Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Anomaly Pyromancer Build - WT15/CT15 Solo Capability

Damascus Offering with Claymore Torrent Obtain

Grim Marrow with Singularity Obtain

The Juggler with Scrap Grenade Obtain

Funeral Pyre with Shadow Comet Obtain

Absolute Zero with Ultimate Freezing Bullets Obtain

Lucky Jinx with Ultimate Toxic Bullets Obtain

Spirit Hunter with Ultimate Bone Shrapnel Obtain

Icarus with Ultimate Anomaly Surge Obtain

The Headhunter with Burst of Decay Obtain

The Iceberg with Winter Blast Obtain

Heir to the Desert with Sandstorm Obtain

Inferno Seed with Wrath of Moloch Obtain

Voodoo Matchmaker with Ultimate Damage Link Obtain

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