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Mythos With Omen Obtain

Phalanx with Sanctuary Obtain

Thunderclap with Nikola's Revenge Obtain

Pyromancer Scorched Zealot's Set

Trickster Shieldbeast's Set

Trickster Terminal Velocity Set

Pyromancer Heat Seeker's Armor Set

Boulderlings with Til Death Do Us Part Obtain

Hellborne with Violent Rupture Obtain

Sunfall with Firestorm Obtain

Ascension Level Up

Level up Apocalypsus Tier

Apocalypse Legendary Items Farm

New Outriders Worldslayer Company

Trials of Taria Gratar completion

Outrider 1-30 Leveling

Expedition Challenge Completion

Full Campaign Completion

World Tier Unlock 1-15

Eye of the Storm Expedition Completion

Legendary Items Farming

Technomancer Pestilence Build - Hight content Solo Capability

Trickster Assasin Build - Hight content Solo Capability

Pyromancer Ash Breaker Build - Hight content Solo Capability

Seismic Devastator Build - Hight content Solo Capability

Technomancer Legendary Armor Set

Trickster Legendary Armor Set

Pyromancer Legendary Armor Set

Devastator Legendary Armor Set

Drop Pod Resources Farming

Earthborn Renegade's God Roll Farm

Outrider 30-50 Gearscore Boost

Deathshield Legendary Shotgun Guaranteed

Titanium Farming

Backstabbing Trickster Build - Hight content Solo Capability

Anomaly Pyromancer Build - Hight content Solo Capability

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Farming anything will take time. What’s more, RNG can get in the way as long as the drops aren’t guaranteed. As a result, there are some casual players out there who simply don’t have the time to keep on farming for better equipment. Without those items, they might find it difficult to tackle expeditions, and not taking part in expeditions also means they cannot get better equipment. One option gamers take to get out of this quandary is by looking for an Outriders power leveling service. Carry services like this one provide the breakthrough needed for these players. Following services, many of them have an easier time when going through expeditions. There are a number of different services that buyers look for; ones that provide better gear, more skills, and so on, meaning that players who find themselves struggling are generally able to find a service that provides exactly the help that they need.

    Since this kind of service means having to search around and look for a provider that they trust to level their account according to their specifications, buyers are cautious and generally take the time to look around before settling on a seller. Since they’re the ones paying, it’s extremely important to them that they find someone who is able to provide the exact services that they want performed on their accounts. The first stop for most of these buyers is the internet. Finding trusted online sellers can be quite difficult. That’s why many people who are interested in looking for booting services use player-to-player trading sites to find suitable sellers. This way, they can find pretty much everything they need all in one spot. Gamers also find these to be a much easier alternative to trawling through pages of forums or messaging around on social media platforms trying to find sellers. They tend to prefer online marketplaces like these because there is often a large userbase on the platforms. This means that there are generally more sellers to negotiate with and buy from and that other users are also finding success when using the site, showing it can be trusted. On the subject of trust, buyers on these sites will often leave feedback for sellers that they have dealt with. Doing so provides new players with an idea of which sellers they should trade with and ensures that sellers keep providing consistently good services in order to keep their rating up. New buyers who are considering getting involved in trading should first read the terms and conditions of the game.

    In-game, the Outriders were meant to scout out a place for humans to colonize Enoch, an Earth-like planet. The Outriders find a mysterious Anomaly that could endanger any colonization attempts. They try to warn the ECA (Enoch Colonization Authority) but they are betrayed by the organization. All the Outriders were purged and silenced, save one put to stasis by one of the scientists. Later, the lone Outrider awakes to a drastically changed world. The Anomaly had destroyed the attempts to colonize, and the remaining survivors were stuck in a mountain valley. Embroiled in a civil war, the colonists split into the remnants of the ECA and the Insurgents. Furthermore, the last Outrider, having survived the Anomaly, had become Altered. They now have the power to manipulate reality. How it manifests depends on the class the player chose for them. At any rate, they embark on a journey to solve the mysteries of Enoch and what the Anomaly is.