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    If you have opened the world of the Fortnite Battle Royale, you might stay pleased with the quality of the player-versus-player gameplay, the high-level graphics, and other ultimate peculiarities of the new top-ranking shooter. A multifaceted playing mode that allows completing levels alone or in tandem with your reliable companion, or even together with a true squad of warriors attracts millions of inexperienced and pro-gamers.

    One more interesting feature of the Fortnite online game is the compatibility of this digital entertainment product with the pocket-screen devices. It means that all willing players have an opportunity to try it not only on their powerful PC but on smartphones and tablets. Like the Fortnite developers erase boundaries and offer high-grade mobile e-gaming, the TrueCost team deface limits, having introduced boosting cell phone services.

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    Both WoW professional boosting service and Fortnite-based upgrades impose the necessity of training activities and pro-coaching opportunities. The members of the TrueCost team assist newcomers and middle-range e-gaming lover when it comes to some mission accomplishment and other tasks. The best experience could be got only due to real practice. That is why one of our most-demandable offerings is real-time playing with our pro-team. Select the number of hours starting from the minimum period in 60 minutes. An affordable price for an exclusive possibility to become a true participant of our legendary band of carry-gamesmen.

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    • Battle-Pass Challenges suit – together with high-stats warranty and experience you can count on any challenge carrying-out;
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