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Gilded Flawless Seal - Season of the Chosen

Adored Ritual Sniper Rifle

Trials of Osiris - Flawless (Flawless 7-0 Mercy ticket)

Custom Power Level Upgrade (1100-1310)

Crucible Glory Rank - Season of the Chosen

Gambit Infamy Reputation - Season of the Chosen

Valor Reset Service - Season of the Chosen

Deep Stone Crypt Raid Completion

Weekly Pinnacle Gear Rewards

Season Pass Farming - Season of the Chosen

Seasonal Artifact Leveling - Season of the Chosen

Beyond Light Campaign Completion

Consequence of Duty Emblem

Conqueror Triumph Seal (Title: Conqueror)

Live For The Hustle Emblem

Victory's Wreath Emblem

Flawless Triumph Seal (Title: Flawless)

Lost sector, Guaranteed exotics (Bakris, Necrotic, etc.)

Nightfall - The Ordeal Playlist

Nightfall 100K Points Challenge

Prophetic Visionary ( Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless )

Nightmare Hunt — Master Run (1260+)

Garden of Salvation Raid Completion

Last Wish Raid Completion

The Pit of Heresy Dungeon Run

The Shattered Throne Dungeon Run

Eyes of Tomorrow (Gjallarhorn 2.0) Exotic Rocket Launcher Guaranteed

Prophecy Dungeon Run

Salvation's Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher

Izanagi's Burden Exotic Sniper Rifle

Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun

Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher

Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

Malfeasance Exotic Hand Cannon

Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon

Empire Hunts

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