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Trials of Osiris - Flawless (Flawless 7-0 Mercy ticket)

Trials of Osiris

Already ordered 45 times

You will obtain:

• Flawless 7-0 wins for Trial stat

• A chance to get Trials of Osiris Ghost -Lantern Shell

• All gear and rewards that might drop during this service

• A chance to get Trials of Osiris Sparrow - Resurrection's Guide.


• 1570+ is the minimum to enter Trials. If you have lower than 1570 (without Artifact), please select an option below


Trials Access Unlock Quest

+ $99

Trials of Osiris Bounties

+ $14

Complete Trials on 2 Guardians

+ $32

Complete Trials on 3 Guardians

+ $48

I don't have 1570 Power Level Without Artifact

+ $15

Estimated time: 12 h.


Please Note: your Power matters when you purchase this service. Would you mind checking the options below? The default price is for 1570 Burden of Guilt, Forgiveness, Aisha's Embrace, Burden of Guilt, Reed's Regret, Whistler's Whim and The Inquisitor is an Adept weapon reward this season!

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