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Season of the Seraph Full Seal

Season of the Seraph

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You will obtain:

• Seraph Title obtained

• The seraphim seal is obtained

• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level

• All items and resources that might drop during the service.


• Current Season

• The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition


Estimated time: 28 d.


Completing the trials for the seasonal seal has always been a challenge that not everyone was ready to deal with, but with the help of our professional players you'll be done quickly and you'll have your Seraphim title in no time at all!
Seraphim's seal includes such triumphs:
Rebuilding Rasputin – Complete the quest More Than a Weapon
Gadgets Galore – Unlock all five upgrades at the Exo Frame
Frame Reboot – Reset your vendor rank with the Exo Frame
Authorized Users – Defeat targets with Season of the Seraph or IKELOS v1.0.3 weapons. Bonus progress for defeating Guardians
Silence the Alarm – Defeat Deathtongue Choristers before they begin the Battlesong in the Heist Battlegrounds playlist
Nodes Found (Secret) – Find all Warmind Nodes across the system
Solid Seraph – Complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield
Guardian’s Best Friend – Find the mechanical dog in the mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield
Production Model – Earn the Veles-X Pulse Rifle

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