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King's Fall Raid

King's Fall Raid
Raids & Dungeons

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You will obtain:

• King's Fall Raid raid completion

• Unique raid weapons and armor

• Pinnacle gear for each encounter

• Chance of the raid Exotic weapon drop

• A special emblem for the first completion


• 1550+ Light Level


For 2 Characters

+ $18

For 3 Characters

+ $36

Secret Chests Unlock

+ $5

Weekly Puzzle Chest

+ $15

Weekly Challenge

+ $25

I'd like a Master Difficulty (1 run completion)

+ $20

Add Touch of Malice

+ $72

Estimated time: 8 h.


The world of Destiny 2 has given us the opportunity to dive back into the amazing King's Fall Raid, which has been carefully ported from Destiny 1. Get ready to experience an unforgettable walk on a drifting dreadnought again.
The new King's Fall Raid will pleasantly surprise you with amazing perk bundles on weapons.
In the new King's Fall Raid you will be able to craft 6 legendary weapons. For the first time you can get such a strong combination of perks as firefly + dragonfly in one roll, with this bundle your enemies will explode in a huge radius!
Also in the new King's Fall Raid you can get an exotic scout rifle Touch of Malice, which is great for both PVE and PVP activities.

With the help of our pro players, you can get all the triumphs, weapons, and armor from the iconic King's Fall Raid.

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