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Heritage Shotgun Pattern Unlock

God Rolls
Season of the Seraph

Already ordered 67 times

You will obtain:

• Weapon Pattern for the Enhanced God Roll

• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

• All items and resources that might drop during this service.


• 1350+ Powerlevel


Add weapon leveling 1 - 17

+ $45

Add Eyes of Tomorrow Guaranteed

+ $60

Estimated time: 21 d.


With the start Season of the Seraph many innovations came to the game and one of them affects the weapons from the old raids.
Now you can finally collect 5 deepsight weapon rolls of the legendary Heritage Shotgun and craft it with improved perks of your choice!
With perks like Reconstruction + Recombination you'll be able to deal the most damage in raids on bosses, because the Heritage Shotgun is one of the top 5 shotguns for boss damage!
Always stay one step ahead of your opponents and play with only the best weapons in the game.

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