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Light Level Boost

Season of the Seraph
Powerleveling & Campaigns

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You will obtain:

• Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level

• Character's light level upgraded to the desired Light Level

• All items and resources that might drop during the service.


For 2 Characters

+ $171

For 3 Characters

+ $342

Trials of Osiris - Flawless

+ $18

Estimated time: 18 d.


What is a leveling in Destiny 2?

The leveling system in Destiny 2 can be difficult for understanding and even harder to deal with. You have a power level that depends on the level of your gear, a season pass level that brings additional rewards and requires XP, and an artifact level that unlocks special abilities.

Power level (or light level) is the main measure of your strength in the game. The problem is that after reaching the soft cap, leveling process becomes very hard. A desired piece of gear with a high lvl can take dozens of hours to unlock. And this is why we want to offer you various destiny 2 light boost.

How does level boost destiny work?

As we all know, with great powerlevel comes great responsibility, and sometimes a lot of hardcore grinding. D2 does not differ much from other MMOs in this aspect of the game. Players can only increase their character power by clearing various Powerfull activities and Pinnacle milestones.

Power Leveling Carry Services

TrueCost provides you with a wide variety of services that can help you to deal with any, even the most difficult tasks.

Power Leveling - basic, yet effective service with which you can quickly reach desired power level, including a maximum of 1590. Our boosters will also get you all available pinnacle rewards, complete bounties, and farm stasis fragments. Just choose a necessary offer and enjoy the results.

Who Is Destiny 2 Level Boosting For?

It’s perfect for people who enjoy the gameplay but don’t have enough spare time to grind for better gear. Like, shooting vex is obviously fun, but spending hours to get armor upgrades? Well, that’s not that exciting. Another frequent case is alt leveling. Unfortunately, Destiny 2’s high light level obtainment is not thrilling enough to go through it more than once. So it’s perfectly understandable, if you want to skip that boring part of your journey. That’s exactly what our power leveling service does. Finally, if you’ve just decided to take up Destiny 2 because, say, your friends are fond of it, you might want to boost your fresh guardian as well. Trust us, the whole fun starts at the higher levels, so you won’t miss anything important. Also, you’ll be able to join your friends almost right away.

Additional Options

Almost every service we offer has a list of additional options to make it suitable for every gamer. For example, we can complete dungeons and raids during the power leveling carry service.

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