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Warzone Tactical Nuke

Warzone Tactical Nuke

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You will obtain:

• Experience for your battle pass

• Experience for your account level

• A highly improved wins stat in Warzone 2.0


Tactical Nuke (Multiplayer)

+ $90

Play whis pro-player

+ $100

Estimated time: 2 d.


In a recent update Warzone 2 added an incredibly difficult achievement called Tactical Nuke.
The way to get it is to make 5 wins in a row in Warzone 2 sounds almost unreal, but that's not all on the 6 game you need to make a contract that highlights you and your entire team and for 3 minutes you have to defend the point and survive to win and finally get the long-awaited achievement!
For completing this achievement you will also receive a Charm BOOM BOX, a RADIOACTIVE weapon sticker, a calling card and a QUEST NUKE emblem.
Just imagine what people will think of you when they see your emblem and calling card in the lobby and they will leave the game before it even starts.
You are already starting to worry about how you will make this achievement and think where to find a strong player to help you make it? No need to worry and look for someone when you have our wonderful store, we will find a team of professional players to help you make the incredibly difficult Tactical Nuke achievement in Warzone 2 in no time!

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