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Best AL Mazrah Loadout


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You will obtain:

• This order includes the setting of the selected combo set and its leveling

• If you do not select options then we will customize your loadout from the weapons and improvements available to you.


• Call of Duty Modern Warfare II full game purchased.


Assault Rifle + Pistol

+ $60

Assault Rifle + Shotgun

+ $60

Assault Rifle + Sniper Rifle

+ $60

Assault Rifle + Tactical Rifle

+ $60

Assault Rifle + Melee Weapon

+ $60

Assault Rifle + Marksman Rifle

+ $60

Submachine Gun + Assault Rifle

+ $60

Submachine Gun + Tactical Rifle

+ $60

Submachine Gun + Marksman Rifle

+ $60

Tactical Nuke (Multiplayer)

+ $90

Estimated time: 1 d.


It's no secret that to win in Warzone 2.0 you need to install the best equipment in the game Call of Duty WMII in time. With each new season, new weapons will be added to the game for both melee and ranged combat, which means that the meta for the current season will also change. You can choose a build from:
  • Assault Rifle + Pistol;
  • Assault Rifle + Shotgun;
  • Assault Rifle + Sniper Rifle;
  • Assault Rifle + Tactical Rifle;
  • Assault Rifle + Melee Weapon;
  • Assault Rifle + Marksman Rifle;
  • Submachine Gun + Assault Rifle;
  • Submachine Gun + Tactical Rifle;
  • Submachine Gun + Marksman Rifle.
Our professional players will select and pump the best version of the weapon and put the best modules on it. Winning requires not only proper skill, but also the right weapon. Come to Warzone 2.0 fully prepared, play and have fun, and our professional players will do everything to make you feel comfortable to play.

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