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AL Mazrah K/D Boost

K/D Boost

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You will obtain:

• Chosen amount of kills

• Good stats on your account

• Experience for your Battle Pass

• Experience for your account level

• If you don't select an option then our pro player will play with 3+ K / D ratio per match!


I need a 5+ K/D ratio per match

+ $500

I need a 10+ K/D ratio per match

+ $800

Tactical Nuke (Multiplayer)

+ $90

Estimated time: 4 h.


It is no secret that the game Call of Duty MWII is primarily a competitive game, if you are not satisfied with your K/D (ratio of kills/death) our professional players will adjust it or make it the highest among your friends. We will also increase your K/D ratio in the new Warzone 2.0. You can choose which K/D a professional player will play with and how many kills he will make. If you purchase this service you will also receive:
  • Increased K/D (kill/death ratio);
  • Increased wins on your account;
  • An expansion pack for your account;
  • An expansion of your Battle Pass;
  • Increase the amount of kills per account.
Surprise your allies with high stats in the game Call of Duty, play for fun and niche professional players will do everything for you.

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