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  • Frequently asked questions

    Warzone 2.0 is considered a reboot of Warzone, which is a game in the Call Of Duty series. This game series became popular due to its game mode - the battle royal. But to get in this game mode, you always need help to get all the achives, camouflages, victories, and other things. We offer you to use our services and get everything you want in this game Warzone 2.0 on the map AL Mazrah

    Our team are professional players who have spent more than 3,000 hours in the game, who have completed more than 5,000 orders in the CoD game series. Therefore, in the game Warzone 2.0 our pro perform all orders in our list - Polyatomic Camo in MW 2, AL Mazrah Battle Royale Wins Boost, AL Mazrah K/D Boost, Any Weapon Leveling to Max Level - Modern Warfare 2.

    Every time you make an order on our platform, without besides the order itself, you get a lot of experience battle pass, increase the account level and increase the level of the character.

    Our service provides services in the shortest possible time, and competitors in terms of timing we simply do not. You can always consult with our manager on any questions, because he is not a staff person, and one of the pro-players of the game in which you write and he'll always tell you everything you need for free.

    The most important thing that was added to the new game Warzone 2.0 is the map AL Mazrah, which will be made on the new game engine. With the new map comes the new version of the game CoD MW 2 (2022), and all the content of this game will be available in Warzone 2.0 - all weapons, all operators, all camouflages and including the long-awaited Polyatomic Camo.

    In addition to all of the above, the developers will add a lot of new game modes that will change the battle royale industry and take it to a new level

    The main question that asks almost every one of our clients and we are happy to answer it yes. You will be able to use Polyatomic Camo from CoD MW2 in the new Battle Royale Warzone 2.0.

    So we advise you not to waste your time and nerves and order a camo boost on our platform and you will get the legendary Polyatomic Camo camo in less than 3 weeks.

    Very often customers are hesitant to purchase our services because they are worried about the security of their data. We do not use embedded chats on sites where your data can be lost, we have a manager who leads your order and monitors its implementation while you are resting, we have an individual approach to each client.

    Our managers specify all the details of the order and all the data for you to boost your account was unmentionable, as our pro-players carry out orders while you sleep, or at work or at school. So you will be playing at your usual time and at the same time you will be getting a boost in any Warzone 2.0 or MW2 game.