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UGM-8 Light Machine Gun Unlock

UGM-8 Gold Camo Unlock

Marco 5 Submachine Gun Unlock

Marco 5 Gold Camo Unlock

H4 Blixen Submachine Gun Unlock

H4 Blixen Gold Camo Unlock

M1916 Marksman Rifle Unlock

M1916 Gold Camo Unlock

Nikita AVT Assault Rifle Unlock

Nikita AVT Gold Camo Unlock

Armaguerra 43 Submachine Gun Unlock

Armaguerra 43 Gold Camo Unlock

KG M40 Assault Rifle Unlock

KG M40 Gold Camo Unlock

Whitley Light Machine Gun Unlock

Whitley Gold Camo Unlock

Welgun Submachine Gun Unlcok

Welgun Gold Camo Unlock

Cooper Carbine Assault Rifle Unlock

Cooper Carbine Gold Camo Unlock

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Sniper Rifle Unlock

Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle Gold Camo Unlock

Sawtooth Melee Weapon Unlock

Sawtooth Gold Camo Unlock

Katana Melee Weapon Unlock

Katana Gold Camo Unlock

Atomic Camo Unlock - Multiplayer

Vanguard Dark Aether Camo Unlock - Zombie

All Vanguard Operators Unlock

Custom 1-55 Rank Leveling

Assault Rifles Diamond Camo Unlock

Submachine Guns Diamond Camo Unlock

Shotguns Diamond Camo Unlock

Light Machine Guns Diamond Camo Unlock

Marksman Rifles Diamond Camo Unlock

Sniper Rifles Diamond Camo Unlock

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