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Vanguard Dark Aether Camo Unlock - Zombie

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You will obtain:

• Experience for your Battle Pass

• 70 level for 27 primary weapons

• Experience for your Account Level

• 60 level for 5 secondary weapons

• Golden Viper, Plague Diamond and Dark Aether Camo unlocked for the weapons listed below, if you have a golden viper camo on one or more weapons, then select the appropriate options

• ARs: STG44, Automaton, Itra Burst, Bar, AS44, NZ-41, Volkssturmgewehr

• SMGs: MP-40, Sten, M1928, Owen Gun, Type 100, PPSH-41

• LMGs: MG42, DP 27, Type 11, Bren

• Shotguns: Einhorn Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Gracey Shotgun, Double Barrel

• Marksman and Sniper Rifles: Type 99, 3-Line Rifle, Kar98k

• Handguns: Ratt, Top Break, 1911, Klauser, Machine Pistol

• Launchers: M1 Bazooka, Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MK11 Launcher

• Melee Weapons: F5 Fighting Knife, Combat Shield


• Call of Duty Vanguard full game purchased


I already have 1 Golden Viper Camo in total

- $30

I already have 2 Golden Viper camos in total

- $60

I already have 3 Golden Viper camos in total

- $90

I already have 6 Golden Viper camos in total

- $120

Estimated time: 30 d.

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