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Atomic Camo Unlock - Multiplayer

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You will obtain:

• Experience for your Battle Pass

• 70 level for 27 primary weapons

• Experience for your Account Level

• 60 level for 5 secondary weapons

• Gold, Diamond and Atomic Camo unlocked for the weapons listed below, if you have a gold camo on one or more weapons, then select the appropriate options

• ARs: STG44, Automaton, Itra Burst, Bar, AS44, NZ-41, Volkssturmgewehr

• SMGs: MP-40, Sten, M1928, Owen Gun, Type 100, PPSH-41

• LMGs: MG42, DP 27, Type 11, Bren

• Shotguns: Einhorn Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Gracey Shotgun, Double Barrel

• Marksman and Sniper Rifles: Type 99, 3-Line Rifle, Kar98k

• Handguns: Ratt, Top Break, 1911, Klauser, Machine Pistol

• Launchers: M1 Bazooka, Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MK11 Launcher

• Melee Weapons: F5 Fighting Knife, Combat Shield


• Call of Duty Vanguard full game purchased


I already have 1 Gold Camo in total

- $22

I already have 2 Gold Camos in total

- $44

I already have 3 Gold Camos in total

- $66

I already have 6 Gold Camos in total

- $132

Add weapons from Season 1

+ $179

Add weapons from Season 2

+ $149

Estimated time: 21 d.


Each weapon has hundreds of camo unlocks, each with its own unlock criteria. You can unlock your camo and progress in challenges for multiplayer or zombies. You unlock new camo challenges as you upgrade your weapon. To unlock all of them, you will need to fully level up your weapon. You will need to complete multiple gun challenges in order to unlock the final camo options, which are Gold, Diamond and Atomic for Multiplayer. To unlock it a player has to level up all the weapons up to max level (usually 70) and obtain gold camos of all the weapons by completing specific challenges or achievements. This means you need diamonds on all the weapon categories in the game. We have a great experience with camo unlocks here at TrueCost so we know all the tricks to complete challenges fast and easy like choosing the right game mode, strategic positioning, and of course, very skilled boosters.
Because of the high skill needed for this service we can only deliver this boosting service with piloted mode only, with account sharing. A pro booster will log into your account and complete all the achievements and challenges needed to unlock Atomic Camo. When it's complete you will get an e-mail and notification so you can log back in.
Our booster will play multiplayer matches in order to complete all challenges and open all golden camos for every weapon of the same class. If you are interested to unlock only a few camos, please check our services for unlock any weapons and camo in Call of Duty Vanguard.

We guarantee your account safety during boosting process. It is not hack tool or modding tool or "custom lobby". We don't use any of it as it lead to ban. We offer only safe matchmaking boosting by hand. Buy atomic camo unlock service and be sure you get it.

What you get when you order Atomic Camo unlocking service:
  • Assault Rifles: STG44, Automaton, Itra Burst, Bar, AS44, NZ-41, Volk
  • SMGs: MP40, Sten, M1928, Owen Gun, Type 100, PPsh-41
  • Shotguns: Einhorn Revolving, Combat Shotgun, Gracey Auto, Double Barrel
  • LMGs: MG42, DP27, Type 11, Bren
  • Marksman Rifles: M1, SVT-40, G-43
  • Sniper Rifles: Type 99, 3-line, Kar98
  • Handguns: Ratt, Top Break, 1911, Klauser, Machine Pistol
  • Launchers: M1, Panzerschreck, Panzerfaust, MK11 Launcher
  • Melee: FS Fighting Knife, Combat Shield
You're probably wondering how long it takes to work on my atomic camo service unlock? All deadlines are individual for each client and are agreed upon before the start. Usually we try to start every order as soon as possible. The average start time is 2-4 hours. However, we let our boosters to play together in order to have faster and better progress on every single order. Sometimes that results in some delay as one booster needs to wait for teammates. If there is any delay it won't affect the expected delivery time.

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