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Polyatomic Camo Unlock

Already ordered 19 times

You will obtain:

• Experience for your Battle Pass

• Unlocked gold, Platinum and Polyatomic Camo camouflages for all required weapons


• Call of Duty Modern Warfare II full game purchased.


Orion Mastery Challenge for one weapon (400 kills with Orion Camo) - Calling Card and Emblem based on that weapon

+ $75

I already have 1 gold camo in total

- $20

I already have 2 gold camo in total

- $40

I already have 3 gold camo in total

- $60

I already have 6 gold camo in total

- $120

I already have 9 gold camo in total

- $180

Estimated time: 10 d.


You are tired of the usual camouflages on weapons, you are tired of the endless grind of experience. Forget all that! In the long-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) the old favorite Polyatomic Camo Unlock is back. With our pro-players, this beautiful print will become an integral part of your account.
When you buy this camouflage from us, you get the max level of weapon and gold on all basic weapons and platinum on the categories:
  • 8 Assault Rifles;

  • 4 Battle Rifles;

  • 8 Submachine Guns;

  • 6 Machine Guns;

  • 4 Shotguns;

  • 6 Marksman Rifles;

  • 3 Sniper rifles;

  • 5 Pistols;

  • 4 Launchers;

  • 1 Shield;

  • 1 Knife.

After getting Polyatomic Camo you will be able to make any loadout for you, because all basic weapons will be of max level. All the progress you made with Polyatomic Camo will go into the new Warzone 2.0 and you can truly enjoy your favorite game.

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