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UGR Submachine Gun Unlock

UGR Gold Camo Unlock

Vargo 52 Assault Rifle Unlock

Vargo 52 Gold Camo Unlock

Lapa Submachine Gun Unlock

Lapa Gold Camo Unlock

Grav Assault Rifle Unlock

Grav Gold Camo Unlock

.410 Ironhide Shotgun Unlock

.410 Ironhide Gold Camo Unlock

Battle Axe Melee Weapon Unlock

Battle Axe Gold Camo Unlock

Dark Aether + Damascus Camo Bundle

Sai Melee Weapon Unlock

Sai Gold Camo Unlock

Marshal Pistol Unlock

Marshal Gold Camo Unlock

EM2 Assault Rifle Unlock

EM2 Gold Camo Unlock

TEC-9 Submachine Gun Unlock

TEC-9 Gold Camo Unlock

Cane Melee Weapon Unlock

Cane Gold Camo Unlock

OTs 9 Submachine Gun Unlock

OTs 9 Gold Camo Unlock

Mace Melee Weapon Unlock

Mace Gold Camo Unlock

C58 Assault Rifle Unlock

C58 Gold Camo Unlock

MG 82 Light Machine Gun Unlock

MG 82 Gold Camo Unlock

Nail Gun Special Weapon Unlock

Nail Gun Gold Camo Unlock

Dark Aether Camo Unlock

Ranks 1-1000 Leveling

Swiss K31 Sniper Rifle Unlock

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  • Frequently asked questions

    If you are a fan of the Call of Duty series, you might be eager to upgrade the accounts in the Cold War. The TrueCost Service helps you sort out all the pitfalls, and quickly reach new levels. We offer a wide range of services, from which each user can choose the right one.

    Leveling up weapons in Call of Duty: Cold War can take a very long time. Especially if you are new to this series and are not familiar with the tips and tricks. Our team will tell you about the key points that make your game more effective and captivating. And with TrueCost Service, you can get the most out of the shooter Black Cold War experience.

    CoD Cold War is available on various electronic devices like Smartphones, PC, Playstation 4, and even Xbox One. Therefore, you are able to watch the game and take part in it on a device convenient for you. Use any suitable platform.

    One of the best offers is playing with our professionals. Each player can choose any time and options. You play on your own in a team of trained players, or our gamers play through your account. The second option allows you to promote your Cold War camo, even when you are offline.

    Also, how quickly you reach the desired level depends on the option you have chosen. If you play on your own with friends, then the process is going slower than if our experts log out through your account. Plus, we provide the ability to stream while playing through your CoD Black Ops Cold War profile.

    Our CoD experts assist with the following points:

    • Improve camo boost and weapons. You could complete all types of camo using different weapons: assault and sniper rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, launchers, etc.
    • Level up. Thanks to our experts, you can boost and complete missions much faster, unlike you did it alone (Nuclear Killer, Ranks 1-1000 Leveling, Battle Pass Leveling 1-1000, & others).

    There are two types of boosters: regular and armed. The first one increases the overall rating of the account and unlocks new types of weapons. Also, after each mission, you get experience and rank increase. It includes:

    • special operations;
    • fulfilling contracts;
    • destroying certain characters or units of equipment, etc.

    Each weapon has several camouflage challenges. In addition to the ten main ones, there are several color options: golden, platinum, diamond, and dark matter ultra. They open after a certain number of completed missions.

    Challenges in the CoD Cold War can be single for every day (they are available within 24 hours) or weekly group, requiring more time and effort. After each successful campaign, you get experience, level up, and useful artifacts.

    With us, you will get a real thrill from this legendary series. Start your mission with the best gamers. We offer:

    • High-quality support and assistance at all stages of the shooter;
    • Fast order processing;
    • 24/7 assistance and the ability to discuss key points;
    • Tracking the order fulfillment process;
    • Discounts and special offers for beginners and regular customers;
    • Reasonable prices for our services.

    A team of professional players assists beginners and experienced gamers with profile boosting and game pro. With us, you can get excellent statistics, high personal ratings, and cool promotions in Cold War CoD.

    Our experts go through the game in different versions and become your faithful assistants when it comes to character leveling and new achievements in the game progress. Therefore, we offer more than one scenario or a way to win the mission in the Black Cold War. Leave a request on the website, and specialists will contact you back after checking your account.