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Dark Matter + Damascus - Warzone Bundle

Assault Rifles Platinum Camo Unlock

Submachine Guns Platinum Camo Unlock

Damascus Camo Unlock

Holo Blue DOT Unlock

Battle Pass Leveling

CX-9 Submachine Gun Unlock

RAAL MG Light Machine Gun Unlock

Assault Rifle Obsidian Camo Unlock

Submachine Gun Obsidian Camo Unlock

ACOG Blue V Unlcok

Combat Knife Golden Camo Unlock

Assault Rifle Gold Camo Unlock

Submachine Gun Gold Camo Unlock

Sniper Critical Unlock

Launcher Gold Camo Unlock

AS VAL Golden Camo Unlock

SP-R 208 Golden Camo Unlock

Riot Shield Golden Camo Unlock

Launchers Platinum Camo Unlock

Sniper Rifle Obsidian Camo Unlock

Any Akimbo Pistols Unlock

Tactical Nuke - Mighty Mushroom calling card

Any Assault Rifle 1-72 custom leveling

Any Submachine Gun 1-72 custom leveling

RAM-7 Assault Rifle Unlock

Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle Unlock

CR-56 Amax Assault Rifle Unlock

AN-94 Assault Rifle Unlock

AS VAL Assault Rifle Unlock

Striker 45 Submachine Gun Unlock

Fennec Submachine Gun Unlock

ISO Submachine Gun Unlock

VLK Rogue Shotgun Unlock

JAK-12 Shotgun Unlock

Sykov Ready Bundle

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