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Damascus Camo Unlock

Already ordered 573 times

You will obtain:

• Gold, Platinum and Damascus camo unlocked for the weapons listed below, if you have a gold camouflage on one or more weapons, then select the appropriate options

• The list of weapons that are included in this offer

• AR's: Kilo 141, FAL, M4A1, FR 5.56, Oden, M13, FN Scar 17, AK-47

• SMG"s: AUG, P90, MP5, Uzi, PP19 Bizon, MP7

• Shotguns: Model 680, R9-0 Shotgun, 725, Origin 12 Shotgun

• LMG's: PKM, SA87, M91, MG34

• Marksman Rifles: EBR-14, MK2 Carbine, Kar98k

• Sniper Rifles: Dragunov, HDR, AX-50

• Handguns: X16, 1911, .357, M19, .50 GS

• Launchers PILA, Strela-P, JOKR, RPG-7

• Melee: Riot Shield, Combat Knife


• Call of Duty Modern Warfare full game purchased

• If you have any part of the progress, please contact us via chat, we will make a custom order for you


I already have 1 gold camo in total

- $12

I already have 2 gold camos in total

- $24

I already have 3 gold camos in total

- $36

I already have 6 gold camos in total

- $72

I already have 9 gold camos in total

- $108

I want 5 more Weapons in Gold - 44 out of 62

+ $80

I want 10 more Weapons in Gold - 49 out of 62

+ $120

I want 23 more Weapons in Gold - 62 out of 62

+ $270

I want Damascus in MW2

+ $430

Estimated time: 14 d.


Do you want to obtain the most exceptional and attractive Call of Duty Camo? Well, then Damascus unlock service of TrueCost is the ultimate solution for you.

Damascus Camo is the highest-end camo in Modern Warfare and is the hardest to unlock. Consider what is needed to unlock this cosmetic. You would need to unlock Platinum camos for every weapon class. That, in turn, means unlocking all the other camos for each starting weapon in that class except Obsidian. Each weapon class has its own requirements for unlocking each basic camo, generally revolving around killing enough enemies in a wide variety of circumstances. Multiply the number of weapons in the base game by the number of challenges, and you will get some idea of the immense effort required. Past a certain point, pursuing the Damascus camo becomes a test of endurance more than any skill. Why not save yourself a lot of stress and frustration by buying this service from TrueCost? Buy Damascus Camo Unlock Boost and our pro-boosters will complete all the challenges for you, delivering the Damascus camo for all weapons as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose TrueCost?

Some of the factors that make TrueCost better than any other COD Modern Warfare boosting service:

  • Fast service: The experienced boosters of TrueCost make the progress in the game really fast. Hence, availing you of your favorite Damascus Camo at the earliest. You can choose the time duration as per your convenience only during which you want your account to be exposed. It will help you maximize your anonymity and security.
  • Very high safety standards: Our website tends to maintain very high safety standards to safeguard the privacy of our customers. Also, anonymity is prioritized by our boosters. They maintain your identity without revealing their own.
  • Money protection and return guarantee: Your payment goes to the boosters only when you confirm the order completion and are satisfied with the service provided.
  • VPN protected boosting: TrueCost does the job through piloted service. This mimics the IP of our customers for playing from their accounts without actually assessing their accounts. It protects the account of our customers.
  • Completion of orders manually: All COD Modern Warfare orders are completed by our boosters manually without using any bots or software. They level up your game by actually playing it.
  • Offer you the lowest price: The price offered by TrueCost boosting service is the lowest in the market. With ranking up in your game and with each order, you unlock the higher discount.
  • Customer satisfaction is their ultimate goal: Our support team is available round the clock to answer all your doubts and questions.
How Does the Whole Process Work?

The whole process of Damascus Camo boosting is initiated when you make the order for the Damascus Camo boost. Look through the offer and if the price suits you register through our website to avail additional bus. Then make the order by simply selecting the Damascus Camo boost from our website, considering the discounts and finally making the payment. As soon as your payment is received, our MW boosting squad gets to work.

TrueCost carries out the boosting through piloted service, so the professional player’s login to the customer’s account is done by simply mimicking their IP address. They then start playing the game on behalf of the customer, they carry out their work in a step-by-step manner by first obtaining all the golden camos, then moving to platinum camos and finally reaching the Damascus unlock. The whole process of completing your order might take up several days. The time period also depends on the progress made by the customers in their game - whether the customer has already obtained some camos or is a new player.

You will get regular updates on the progress of the game by our customer support team and live chat feature in the form of screenshots and videos. You will also be able to notice real-time progress in your game and will receive an email when the order is complete.

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