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Legends Wake & Wrath IV Bundle (20 kills/4K damage)

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Legends Wrath IV

Legends Wrath III

Legends Wrath II

Legends Wrath I

Double Duty

Headshot Hotshot

Rapid Elimination

Squad Wipe

No One Left Behind


Shot Caller

Reinforcement Recall

The Legacy Continues

Hot Streak

Flawless Victory I

Flawless Victory II

Fully Kitted

Long Shot

No Witnesses

Master of All

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Group Theatrics III

Team Work I

Team Work II

Team Work III

Team Work IV

Assassin I

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  • Frequently asked questions

    Do you know the feeling when you start playing ranked in hopes you will win ranked games with an amazing squad, yet all you get are teammates who don’t communicate, pick non-meta legends and run around like headless chicken? We’re sure you do. These kinds of teammates are preventing you from reaching your desired Apex Legends division and rewards. This is why we started our Apex Legends ranked boost service.

    We hire only the highest-rated Apex Predator players in the world to give you that push you need in order to reach your desired RP and division. Our Apex Legends boosting team operates on PC in all regions of the world. Ranked boosting is available via account sharing where we play on your account, and playing with boosters where you group up with our pros and reach your dream RP. Simple, carefree and anonymous. Customize your perfect boost according to your needs We fully understand that not all Apex players have enough time on their hands in order to grind the RP that’s required in order to achieve the dream division. Apex Legends requires you to play a lot in order to increase your RP, if you count in all the bad teams that you will play with on the grind, we’re talking countless days.

    Our next-generation Apex Boosting platform allows you to customize your boost fully, schedule your boosting time by pausing and unpausing your order, play with the boosters on your own time, even specify the legends our booster can play while playing on your account. We will gladly fulfill any special request you might have, whenever possible. Easily track all of your orders Tracking your Apex Legends boost is now easier than ever. Chat with your booster, schedule playing times, pause/unpause the boost and much more.

    All of your current and previous orders can be tracked and monitored with a few clicks only. They are available for you to review them at any time. The whole process is completely anonymous and secured on our website.

    Our Apex Legends boosting specialists are the real treasure. This is the determining factor that makes sure our clients are satisfied with the outcome. Currently, the TrueCost team includes active members. All of them are true professionals with high expertise, extensive skills, and years of gaming experience. This lets us achieve your goals quickly. The average time for boosting is only nine hours. All the players are carefully selected. Every candidate submits a special form and undergoes a practical examination. We study their ranking history, as well as test their abilities and skills. Only the best ones are hired. By the way, we categorize the professionals according to the platform. This lets us deliver outstanding results everywhere.

    One of our core beliefs is that customer satisfaction is a top priority. Returning customers mean that we’re doing it right and we want to keep doing it. This is why we have a loyalty program. This a bigger permanent discount coupon that you can use to discount any of your orders.