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Sorceress Build


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You will obtain:

• Powerful Sorceress build

• All of the loot and gold dropped during this service.


• Diablo 4 account

• 50+ lvl character

• Сreated character on the chosen server.


Dungeons Farm x10 run

+ $100

Glyph Farm x25

+ $100

Red Dust Farm x25

+ $100

Tree of Whispers Farm x25

+ $100

500k gold

+ $150

World Bosses Farm x10

+ $200

Paragon 50lvl

+ $250

Unlocking all Lilith altars

+ $350

All aspects unlocked

+ $750

Estimated time: 7 d.


To create a Hydra build, the Sorceress will need to invest heavily in the Fire skills tree, particularly in the Hydra skill itself. This skill allows the Sorceress to summon a number of fiery Hydras that will attack enemies with ranged fire attacks. The more points the Sorceress puts into Hydra, the more Hydras she can summon, and the stronger their attacks will be.
To complement the Hydra skill, the Sorceress will also want to invest in other Fire skills, such as Fireball, Meteor, and Firewall. These skills can be used to soften up enemies and create barriers to keep them away from the Hydras. Additionally, the Sorceress will want to have a few utility skills, such as Teleport and Energy Shield, to help her maneuver around the battlefield and protect herself from damage.
Overall, the Hydra build can be incredibly powerful, allowing the Sorceress to deal massive amounts of fire damage to enemies from a safe distance.

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