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Druid Build


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You will obtain:

• Powerful Druid build

• All of the loot and gold dropped during this service.


• Diablo 4 account

• 50+ lvl character

• Сreated character on the chosen server.


Dungeons Farm x10 run

+ $100

Glyph Farm x25

+ $100

Red Dust Farm x25

+ $100

Tree of Whispers Farm x25

+ $100

500k gold

+ $150

World Bosses Farm x10

+ $200

Paragon 50lvl

+ $250

Unlocking all Lilith altars

+ $350

All aspects unlocked

+ $750

Estimated time: 7 d.


Primary Skills:
  1. Maul: This skill allows the druid to strike a single target with a powerful melee attack, dealing high damage and stunning the enemy.

  2. Swipe: This skill allows the druid to swipe at enemies in a wide arc, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

  3. Boulder Toss: This skill allows the druid to hurl a massive boulder at enemies, dealing high damage in a small area of effect.

Secondary Skills:
  1. Shapeshift: This skill allows the druid to transform into a bear, increasing their health, armor, and damage output.

  2. Fury: This skill allows the druid to enter a frenzied state, increasing their attack speed and damage for a short time.

  3. Roar: This skill allows the druid to let out a mighty roar, stunning nearby enemies and increasing their allies' damage for a short time.

Passive Skills:
  1. Thick Hide: This passive skill increases the druid's armor and health, making them more durable in combat.

  2. Feral Rage: This passive skill increases the druid's attack speed and damage while in bear form, allowing them to deal more damage with their melee attacks.

  3. Primal Strength: This passive skill increases the druid's overall damage output, making their attacks more powerful.

This build focuses on the Werebear form, with Maul and Swipe providing reliable melee damage and crowd control, and Boulder Toss for burst damage against tougher enemies. Shapeshift enhances the druid's combat capabilities, while Fury and Roar provide additional damage and utility options. The Thick Hide passive skill increases the druid's survivability, while Feral Rage and Primal Strength increase their damage output.
As you level up, you can consider investing more points into Shapeshift and Feral Rage to further enhance your melee capabilities. Additionally, you may want to experiment with other skills and passives to find what works best for your playstyle.

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